Starlight Kid “Changing Darkness” Stardom Photobook Review

Starlight Kid Changing Darkness Cover

Stardom continues to release new photobooks at a decent clip, with photobooks that feature both wrestlers singularly and their group photobooks. Starlight Kid’s second solo photobook of her career was released in December of 2021, following the release of Utami Hayashishita’s “Luxury” photobook and a special Winter edition of Bikiniing. You can read reviews for more magazine and photobooks on the Joshi Photobook Reviews page.

Full Details

Title: Starlight Kid “Changing Darkness”
Release: December 2021
Size: A4
Pages: 54
Cost: ¥3,000
Where to Buy: Stardom Online Shop and Third Party Vendors

As Stardom continues to pump out solo photobooks for their bigger stars, next to get the treatment is Starlight Kid. Starlight Kid has changed a lot since the last time she was featured in a solo photobook, as last summer she joined the Stardom faction Oedo Tai. When she did so, her entire personality and character changed, as she turned “dark” and much more sinister. While Changing Darkness does show her new side, it still features some of the regular photoshoot settings that you’d expect from a Stardom photobook.

As is the norm for recent Stardom photobooks, Changing Darkness doesn’t focus on just type of photoshoot. The 54 page photobook includes pictures of Starlight Kid in formal attire, ring attire, casual attire, and a few that some would consider more risqué gravure-style. Generally speaking, the photos are dark (obviously intentionally) and do not show Starlight Kid smiling or “happy” as she is presenting her new dark side. For fans of Starlight Kid this is likely a must-own photobook just due to the significance of the photobook showing her transition from bubbly fan favorite to pure evil, which has really elevated her career since she made the change. Here is a sample of pictures from the photobook: