Joshi Wrestlers in Weekly Playboy Magazine on 5/29/17

As anyone that follows Hana Kimura or Kairi Hojo on Twitter knows, within the last month both did a photo shoot with Weekly Playboy Magazine. I am also assuming the pictures will be used for other publications as well, as each wrestler featured only had one picture in the magazine and all in total the wrestlers had only four pages dedicated to them. The wrestlers featured include Kairi Hojo, Hana Kimura, Maya Yukihi, Riho, Natsumi Maki, and Mika Shirahime. All the poses/attires are no different than standard photobook fare, as can be seen below, and are not what Americans may consider “Playboy” pictures (although most of Weekly Playboy Magazine is not nude or overly risque pictures). So, while I am not discouraging you from buying it (especially if you can read Japanese and can enjoy the text information given for the wrestlers as well), just be aware that it was a bit over-hyped. Here are smaller versions of the pictures related to Joshi wrestlers from the magazine: