Saori Anou Photobook “道標” Review

Many fans remember Saori Anou from her time wrestling in Stardom, however she is still an active wrestler for Actwres girl’Z as well as other Joshi promotions around Japan. At 27 years old (as of the time of this review), she started wrestling later than most as she just debuted in 2015, however she is a popular wrestler and continues to get better each time I see her. She is the first Actwres girl’Z wrestler to get her own photobook, and even though it isn’t long it does offer some unique content.

Full Details

Title: Saori Anou Photobook 道標
Release: Spring 2018
Pages: 40
Cost: ¥2,500
Where to Buy: Actwres girl’Z Shop

This is not your traditional photobook, or at least not what you’d expect from a Joshi wrestler. Saori’s photobook shows highlights from her career, starting from when she first started wrestling, to her time in Stardom and finally to being a champion in Actwres girl’Z. The typical “gravure” style pictures are limited to just a few pictures of Saori on the beach, as that clearly is not the focus. Besides pictures (all pictures in the book are in color), they also included a database of Saori’s matches from 2015 to 2017 as well as a message from Yumiko Hotta, who is one of her current trainers. While it may not be what everyone would expect, the pictures are great and for a fan of Saori Anou it is a fun walk down memory lane as we see how far Saori has gotten as she enters her third year in professional wrestling. Below are a sample of some of the pictures in the photobook: