Io Shirai in Weekly Playboy Magazine “Net Extra”

A few months ago, Io Shirai was featured in Playboy Weekly Magazine, however in the photo spread she only had seven pages dedicated to her. Which was a bit disappointing. Luckily, lots of other pictures were sold online as a set, giving us a more complete look at the photo shoot.

Full Details

Title: Week Pre-net Extra #534
Release: March 2017
Pictures: 65
Cost: ¥ 1,080
Where to Buy:

These pictures are only offered digitally and are available at the photo size 850 x 1280, I shrunk them down some so if you want to see them in their original resolution you’ll have to purchase the photo set at the link above. This was a full photo shoot so a wide variety of locations and attires were used. Here is a sample of the pictures: