Mayu Iwatani FOTO LIBRE 72 Photobook Review

Mayu Iwatani Foto Libre
Finally, Mayu Iwatani gets a solo run in a FOTO LIBRE photobook! FOTO LIBRE is a photobook series that features a wide range of wrestlers, including both men and women. The series mostly focuses on wrestlers that wear masks, however there have been exceptions to that over the years. Mayu is one such example, although there are pages in the photobook that show her wearing various masks from across her career so that the series stays on brand. You can read reviews for more photobooks on the Joshi Photobook Reviews page.

Full Photobook Details

Title: Mayu Iwatani FOTO LIBRE 72
Release: November 30th, 2019
Pages: 60
Cost: ¥2,750
Where to Buy: Depo Mart

For those not familiar, the FOTO LIBRE photobooks series has been around for several years and is not promotion specific. The photobooks generally feature one wrestler and while most are masked wrestlers, its not a hard rule and in the past many non-masked wrestlers have been featured. Popular wrestlers such as Jushin Liger, Tiger Mask, Prince Devitt, Ultimo Dragon, BUSHI, and Io Shirai have had a FOTO LIBRE photobook, with some being featured multiple times. Mayu Iwatani once before was in a FOTO LIBRE photobook, when she did one with her Thunder Rock teammate, Io Shirai. But this is the first time she has been featured in the series as a solo wrestler.

FOTO LIBRE photobooks are known to be quality, and Mayu’s photobook is no different. What makes the photobook special is it features pictures from throughout Mayu’s career and doesn’t stick to just one time period of her life. It focuses on 2019 of course, but also has photos from her time in Thunder Rock and of some of her earlier matches. There are a lot of pictures of Mayu holding the various titles she has won, and the photobook doesn’t ignore its roots as there are also four pages that just show the various masks that Mayu has worn over the years. For fans looking for modeling/gravure-style photos, there are a few of those included in the book as well, however the major of the pictures focus on her in the ring. Overall this is one of the better photobooks released recently, and definitely recommended to any fans of Mayu Iwatani. Here is a sample of photos from the photobook: