These are my personal favorite Joshi matches in Joshi Puroresu, ranging from classics up to the current day. Matches will be uploaded to DailyMotion and set on private, so the videos should not be removed. Matches in RED are matches I give my highest recommendation for.

If there is a match from any time period I have not added (and is not already online) that you’d like to see, you can make requests by emailing me at I promise to be polite even if I do not upload the match. At this time I am generally not uploading any matches from that promotion’s online streaming service, although exceptions may occasionally be made at my discretion.

SPECIAL NOTE, PLEASE READ: All these matches are on DailyMotion. If DailyMotion one day disappears, or they shut down my account for some reason, all the matches will suddenly be gone. I will not re-upload matches already posted if this does happen because it would take too long to re-cut out the matches and upload them, I will just continue on from a new starting point. If there are any matches here that you think you may want to watch later, I highly recommend you download them onto your computer using any number of tools available online to download from DailyMotion.








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