Joshi City Website Updates

From time to time I like to update everyone on what has changed around the website but doesn’t require its own post. As usual the banner picture isn’t related to the post, I just like it. So some general notes for what has changed and what changes are coming:

  • All Wrestler Profile pages will have new pictures added! I literally tore up the 2017 Wrestler Directory magazine so that I can scan in new pictures for every single wrestler. This will take time, as I also have a few new wrestlers that I have to add also. So far I have only done the Stardom Roster, but by the end of the month they will all be completed.
  • New Recommended Matches have been added! This is always true of course, I just wanted to point it out for any new visitors to the site. At the link at the top of the page, I occasionally add video links to matches that I love or are interesting in some way. I already have added four matches from 2017, and I have four more to add which should be done by Monday. I try to update the page at least once a week. Also, I have now highlighted in red the matches on that page I Highly Recommend, if you want to jump straight to the good stuff.
  • New Event Review Goal. For 2017, along with the other random content that the website has, I am going to try to do at least eight reviews per calendar month from at least seven different promotions. So for January, I already have a review for: Stardom, Sendai Girls’, OZ Academy, and Pro Wrestling WAVE. I’ll be reviewing an Ice Ribbon show tonight, as well as Tokyo Joshi Pro, JWP, and Kyoko Kimura’s Retirement show all from January. Then I can move on to February. I want to be sure to watch a variety of promotions so that as many wrestlers are represented as possible, and not just Stardom which is what most other websites focus on. If I have already met my quota at the end of the month I’ll throw in an extra Stardom event, I just want an even distribution first.
  • I will be watching events not online anywhere and I am sorry. One of my goals this year is to review more events that were not shown on TV or online, but rather were sold on DVD. I know it may be annoying to read a review and not be able to watch the show yourself, but I enjoy watching ‘unknown’ matches in the hunt for hidden gems. If a match is particularly good, don’t worry, I will upload it so everyone can see it. The Ice Ribbon and JWP shows I will be reviewing very shortly are ones I have on DVD and were not aired.
  • More Frequent Updates. With my plan of doing at least eight ‘current’ reviews per month, I also hope each month to have at least: one gravure review, one photobook review, one classic event review, and a couple opinion columns. My general goal is to have at least one update every other day, even if its just something small like the Kaho Kobayashi vs. TAKA Michinoku review. Its an aggressive goal but I hope to be able to pull it off. Very soon I’ll have an unboxing review of BBM True Heart 2017, which comes out next week.

To know when updates are posted (plus for Joshi GIFs and food pictures), you can follow me on Twitter @JoshiPuro.