These are my personal favorite matches in Joshi Puroresu from 2015 and 2016, plus some other matches that I recommend as well. It will be an ever-growing list covering any Joshi match that takes place in 2015 up to the present day. Matches will be uploaded to DailyMotion and set on private, so the video should not be removed. For 2016 and onward, not all of the matches added are “high end,” I just like to have a variety. Matches in RED are matches I give my highest recommendation for.

If there is a match from any time period that I have not added and is not already online, you can make requests via my Twitter account or by emailing me at I promise to be polite even if I do not upload the match. At this time I am not uploading any events available on any promotion’s Streaming Service. Probably.




Other Matches