General Joshi City Website Updates

Good morning Internet! I just wanted to drop a quick line about a few improvements to Joshi City.

First, I have finally created a Beginner’s Guide to getting into Joshi Puroresu. You can find it at the top right in the menu above. While there is no way to make a guide that covers literally everything, I hope this will help new fans who may have seen a match or two but don’t know where to go from there. Its pretty general so I don’t have to update it every month, although it may occasionally need some tweaking if wrestlers retire or promotions close.

Second, I have created a Complete List of wrestler profiles on Joshi City, it can be founded under the Profiles page. I hope this will come in handy if someone thinks they know the name of the wrestler but have no idea where the wrestler is based. I have also gone ahead and separated the promotions so doing profiles for defunct promotions is set up, although none have been completed yet.

And finally, I have decided to re-join Twitter but strictly to promote this website and Joshi in general. There are always things that happen or GIFs I want to post that simply don’t really have a place on Joshi City, plus it will allow me to easily share new matches I upload and answer any questions. So if you have Twitter and enjoy Joshi Puroresu, feel free to follow me over at @JoshiPuro.

I think that is it, if you have any questions or concerns I can be reached via Twitter or by email at