Riho “Prologue” Gatoh Move Photobook Review

Riho Prologue Photobook Cover
When Riho left Gatoh Move in July of 2019 to become a Freelancer (and eventually join AEW), Gatoh Move released a special photobook for Riho to commemorate her moving to the next phase of her career. You can read reviews for more photobooks on the Joshi Photobook Reviews page.

Full Photobook Details

Title: Riho “Prologue”
Release: July 2019
Pages: 22
Cost: ¥2,000
Where to Buy: Gatoh Move Online Shop

Riho announced in the summer of 2019 that she was leaving Gatoh Move, her wrestling home from 2012 to 2019. At her final Gatoh Move event, a special photobook was released to commemorate the occasion. The photobook was titled “Prologue” as her training and experience gained in Gatoh Move acted as a prologue to where the rest of her career would take her. Unlike some wrestler departures, Riho leaving Gatoh Move was fully supported by her trainer and promotion owner, Emi Sakura, as they continued to wrestle together later on when Riho joined AEW. This is one of the smaller photobooks ever released, but still provides a window into Riho’s career while in Gatoh Move.

One benefit of the photobook is that all were signed on the front cover, as seen in the picture above. To many, the autograph alone would justify the price of the photobook, which was a reasonable ¥2,000 (about $20). The photobook is not full sized, as it is sized at A5 (approximately 8 inches by 6 inches). It is also only 22 pages, and a lot of those pages include text instead of pictures. The pictures are very tasteful and show Riho in a variety of poses, with Riho wearing either formal wear or her ring attire. All in all, the contents of the photobook itself may be a bit lacking due to its size, however the front being signed by Riho adds a lot to the value and its still a fitting way to remember her exit from Gatoh Move. Here is a sample of pages from the photobook: