Wakana Uehara Fighting Woman Graffiti Digital Gravure #1 Review

Wakana Graffiti 1 Cover

Wakana Uehara debuted for Tokyo Joshi Pro in early 2023 and quickly gained a large following. While her success in wrestling in her young career has been limited, she has almost 25,000 Followers on X (as of the time of this review) as people are drawn to her energic personality. This is the first photobook of Wakana’s wrestling career, which was sold in digital form. You can read reviews for more magazine and photobooks on the Joshi Photobook Reviews page.

Full Details

Title: Wakana Uehara Fighting Woman Graffiti #1
Release: April 6th, 2024
Pages: 35 (Paid + Free Combined)
Size: 1652px X 1101px (raw photo size)
Cost: ¥500
Where to Buy: Yanmaga

Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in the number of Joshi wrestlers releasing photoshoots that are strictly digital. There are advantages to this both for the wrestlers and for fans – it is cheaper for the publisher to “produce” and for fans it means the photoshoots are both cheaper and can’t go “out of stock”. The primary disadvantages are most fans prefer physical media, and some photobooks are only available for a rental period before they expire.

Yanmaga has now released digital photoshoots of several wrestlers, with shorter photo spreads that are only available for a rental period. Purchases on Yanmaga are only good for ten days, then the purchaser loses access to the photos. The good part is the service is cheap (only 500 yen which is around $3.50), and Yanmaga also puts part of the photoshoot up for free. For this digital spread, 10 pictures are free and 25 pictures require 500 yen to view for ten days. For a reduced price, its hard to argue its a bad deal, even if it would be better if the photos were available forever once purchased.

As for the photos, while Wakana’s wrestling gear is very conservative, the photoshoot is not. This won’t be a big surprise to those that follow Wakana on social media, as she does sometimes post more provocative photos. Across the 35 photos there isn’t a large variation of outfits or locations that fans may be used to from Stardom photobooks, but they are professionally done. For fans of WAKANAAA its hard not to recommend purchasing this, as even in digital form they are nice photographs and its another way to support the wrestlers. Here is a sample of pictures from the photo spread: