Kairi Hojo Treasure Land: A Stardom Photobook


Released in the summer of 2016, “Treasure Land” is Kairi Hojo’s second solo photobook. Kairi Hojo is no stranger to modeling for pictures of course, last year she had a photobook called Candy Crush and she has taken part in the Bikiniing series, but this is her first photobook on her own since 2014. Full of pictures as well as interviews, this is Stardom’s longest photobook to date with over 120 pages.

Full Details:

Title: Kairi Hojo “Treasure Land”
Release : August 5th, 2016
Producer: Stardom
Photographer: Nobuyuki Sasaki
Wrestlers Featured: Kairi Hojo (with a few smaller combo pictures with Io Shirai, Chelsea, and Yoko Bito)
Total Pages: 125
Cost: 2,500 yen
Where to Buy: Currently Unavailable

The main thing that sets this photobook apart from other Stardom photobooks is it has an extensive interview-style section. The section includes Kairi Hojo talking to different people in a four part series (one with Yoko Bito, Chelsea, Rossy Ogawa, and Hiromi Mimura/Jungle Kyouna), plus there is a section where Kairi Hojo answers 100 fan questions. This sounds fantastically interesting since Joshi wrestlers don’t give a lot of interview of this length in publications and probably has lots of good information, but since I can’t read Japanese it doesn’t do me personally a lot of good. But it is still a very welcome feature and doesn’t take away from the pictures.

The book measures at approximately 6 inches by 8 inches so its smaller than past Stardom photobooks such as Candy Crush, which may be a disappointment to long time fans of Stardom photobooks. But it does make up for it with a wide variety of photos for Kairi, ranging from the beach to the bathtub to the ring. Below is just a very small sample of the pictures available, my photobook is autographed as you can see below however that is not standard when the photobooks are sold.