TABETAI SISTERS Tokyo Joshi Pro Photobook Review

The third photobook released by Tokyo Joshi Pro, this one features wrestlers Nodoka Tenma and Yuki Aino in a dual photo shoot. Nodoka and Yuki are frequent tag team partners, and judging from the photos are very close to each other. For a period of time this photobook was difficult to find online as DDT kept selling out of it, but unlike Stardom they just printed more so as of the time of this review it is readily available. Here are the basic details for the photobook:

Full Details

Release: January 2019
Pages: 36
Cost: ¥2,500
Where to Buy: DDT Shop

Even though the book is only 36 pages, they pack a lot of content into it with a variety of set changes and unique situations. The majority of the pictures have both wrestlers, however Nodoka and Yuki also have plenty of solo pictures as well. The body painting pictures have gotten the biggest buzz online but those pictures only cover 20% of the photobook, making the photos a bit more varied than the marketing may imply. Just based on the quality of the pictures (the photobook is A4 size and all in color) along with the photo selections I am sure it will be a hit with anyone that is a fan of either wrestler; they did not hold back as its one of the sexier photobooks in recent memory. Here is a sample of pictures from the photobook: