“ReBirth for You” Stardom Version TCG Card Set Details

It has been three years since Stardom released sports trading cards for their wrestlers. They still haven’t, but Bushiroad did release a special “Stardom” set for their Trading Card Game ReBirth for You. This column is not designed to teach how to play the game – I have no idea how to play it and don’t intend on learning. But for those that want to collect cards of their favorite wrestlers, this set is our first opportunity in years to do so. Keep in mind that the card “stock” is that of TCGs and are worse quality than other sports cards (more flimsy). Still, it is better than nothing and hopefully Stardom will release real trading cards of their wrestlers down the road.

Per Bushiroad, there are a total of 191 cards available in the set. They were released via different methods – some in special “PR” packs and most available via Trial Decks. The Trial Decks for each faction (five different ones) retail for 1,600 yen and went on sale March 26th, 2022. The Trial Decks include 50 cards, plus three partner cards. Each Trial Deck also has three random shiny/foil cards. Finally, random Trial Decks also have one special edition shiny card as well at the rate of one every three boxes (on average), with each faction having one available.

To provide some scans of the cards, I will show what I got in the five Trial Decks I purchased, one for each faction. Each faction has their own pre-built Trial Deck. The Trial Decks are split into two sections – half of the cards are included in every Trial Deck regardless of the faction, and half the cards are specific to the faction featured for the Trial Deck. You can click on each picture to make it larger to get a better look at the cards. Here is a sample of the cards found in all Trial Decks:


Beyond the cards above that are in every Trial Deck, these are the faction-specific cards included depending on which box you purchase.



Cosmic Angels:

Oedo Tai:

Queen’s Quest:


Also, every deck has three Partner Cards, some are Chibi-style and others are Shiny:


Every box has three Shiny cards, which are foil versions of a regular base card. These are not specific to the faction of the Trial Deck and can be from any faction, here are some I pulled in my decks:


Next up, here is an example of the Special Edition Shiny cards included randomly in Trial Decks (on average one out of every three boxes), one per faction:


And finally, special “PR Packs” have exclusive Shiny Partner cards, with two per pack. Here is a sample of the PR cards: