AJW Athena: The Spirits of Lady’s Sports Card Set Checklist and Review

AJW Athena Card Set - Box

In my collection I have a wide variety of Joshi card sets from over the years, many of which do not have a card list anywhere on the Internet. So I hope to slowly add more of them to Joshi City, with the next set being a set released by All Japan Women in 2000.

Card Set: AJW Athena: The Spirits of Lady’s Sports Card Set
Release Date: 2000
Number of Cards in Set: 63 Cards
Cost per Set: ¥5,000
Where to Purchase: Third Party Vendors (Buyee, Ebay, etc.)

As is usually the case with older card sets, there is not a lot of information available online for this set, but this is an incredibly unique product from All Japan Women. It was sold as a complete set, no packs or random cards like autographs, every sold set had the exact same cards. Not only does the set come with the 63 cards, but it also includes a card divider (?) and an official card holder! Seen here:

AJW Athena Card Set - DividerAJW Athena Card Set - Holder

The card holder is great as it keeps the cards safe and is well designed, the divider I am not sure of the purpose but it doesn’t hurt anything either. These extras help justify the price, as 5,000 yen is a bit on the high side for a complete set of cards. The set also has a variety of card types, as seen below, that helps make the cards feel more special than if they were just 63 regular base cards. Nine of the cards are what I am calling “clear file” cards, as they are unique transparent cards that I have not seen in a card set before. The set is hurt however by the size of AJW’s roster at the time as it means the wrestlers have multiple cards in the 63 card set, which lowers some of the excitement when looking through them. Nanae Takahashi is on seven different cards, for example. Also, the “autograph” cards are not real autographs, but printed facsimile (fake) autographs, which have always been popular with wrestling card sets in Japan but can be confusing sometimes on first look when purchasing cards online. Here is a full checklist:

Red = Premium Foil Card
Blue = Facsimile Signature Card

Green = Clear File Card

1. Manami Toyota
2. Miho and Kayo
3. Chaparrita Asari
4. Yumiko Hotta
5. Nanae and Momo
6. Kaoru Ito
7. Tomoko and Kumiko
8. Mima and Etsuko
9. Nanae Takahashi
10. Miho Wakizawa
11. Kaoru Ito
12. Takako Inoue
13. Tomoko Watanabe
14. Nanae Takahashi
15. Manami Toyota
16. Chaparrita Asari
17. Kayo Noumi
18. Miyuki Fujii
19. Momoe Nakanishi
20. Kayo Noumi
21. Yumiko Hotta
22. Miho Wakizawa
23. Nanae and Momo
24. Chaparrita Asari
25. Tomoko and Kumiko
26. Miho and Kayo
27. Mima and Etsuko
28. Takako Inoue
29. Miyuki Fujii
30. Kumiko Maekawa
31. Kaoru Ito
32. ZAP-T and ZAP-I
33. Momoe Nakanishi
34. Mima Shimoda
35. Manami Toyota
36. Etsuko Mita
37. Takako Inoue
38. Kayo Noumi
39. Miho Wakizawa
40. Manami Toyota
41. ZAP-T and ZAP-I
42. Chaparrita Asari
43. Tomoko Watanabe
44. Momoe Nakanishi
45. Yumiko Hotta
46. Nanae Takahashi
47. Yumiko Hotta
48. Kumiko Maekawa
49. Mima Shimoda
50. Chaparrita Asari
51. Etsuko Mita
52. Miho and Kayo
53. Tomoko and Kumiko
54. Nanae and Momo
55. Miho Wakizawa
56. Kayo Noumi
57. Miyuki Fujii
58. Momoe Nakanishi
59. Nanae Takahashi
60. Manami Toyota
61. Kumiko Maekawa
62. Chaparrita Asari
63. Takako Inoue

Here is the full card set, in order: