Bull Nakano: 2012 BBM True Heart Autograph

bullnakanotrueheart3 bullnakanotrueheart2

As many people know about me, not only do I sell BBM Joshi True Heart cards but I also have a large personal collection as well. For many years I have been looking for a signed card by Bull Nakano, but they are shockingly difficult to find.

The reason they are hard to find is not necessarily just the number made (100 one year and 98 another year), but she only had signed cards for those two years and due to her popularity, they just don’t come on the market very often. One was on Ebay this year (the 2011 version, pictured below) but it was $300, which is well above my price range. I check Yahoo Auctions in Japan about once a week, but never a signed card of hers. In fact not much memorabilia at all, since she has not sold a lot since she stopped wrestling back in 1996.

It is a small miracle that the 2012 True Heart card even exists, and it likely only does because she had her “final” show in 2012. The outfit that she is wearing on the card is the one the wore for her retirement show on January 8th, 2012. During her time away from wrestling, Bull Nakano lost much of the weight she had for the bulk of her wrestling career, but she regained the weight back so that she would look as she used to in her final appearance under the Bull Nakano character. If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is.

Nakano’s 2011 True Heart Autograph, /98

Finally last week I found the Bull Nakano 2012 True Heart Autograph for sale at a price I found more than reasonable, and snatched it up. It arrived today, and its just as awesome as I imagined. One of the best things about BBM True Heart is that they don’t use stickers, so the signatures always look great. Since 2011 and 2012 True Heart is in general hard to find, I don’t know how many more will pop up, as I assume at this point most of the cards that have been found are in personal collections. 100 of these cards were made so there are no doubt many other copies floating out there, but I can finally stop worrying about it now that I have mine.

Bull Nakano is still around the wrestling scene, so we can hope that one day she participates in BBM True Heart again. But until then, at least I finally have one of her signed cards to add to my collection.