Io Shirai First Photobook “Natural Face” Review

It may seem confusing that this is advertised as Io Shirai’s “first photobook” since she has been in many photo shoots, however this is her first hardcover book as the rest were magazines or mooks. Complete with a dust cover, this is by far the best presentation yet for any photo spread featuring Io Shirai.

Full Details

Title: Io Shirai First Photobook 素顔
Release: December 16th, 2017
Pages: 100
Cost: ¥3,500
Where to Buy: Amazon Japan

To say that this is a high quality book would be an understatement, and is my personal favorite photobook to date for any wrestler. Io is presented in many scenes with various levels of dress, ranging from casual attire down to no clothing on at all. Of course, there are certain areas that are not shown, but 97% of Io is on display as she is definitely not a shy person. But the poses and photography is top notch and it comes across as more artsy than raunchy, which is a real testament to the skill of the photographer. The book is only pictures, no interviews or other text, so there is no issue with a language barrier. Here is a preview of some of the pictures, I decided not to show the more risqué ones as I try to keep this site at least somewhat safe for work, but this is still a good example of the types of pictures the book presents:


I couldn’t possibly give this photobook a higher recommendation, but please do not spend the $60+ it is selling for on Ebay. The link above goes to Amazon’s Japanese website, and it does ship globally. I paid approximately $42 with shipping, and there is an option at the top to translate the pages to English. But no matter how you buy it, if you are a fan of Io Shirai, this is a must purchase.