Joshi City Weekend Update for September 23rd, 2017

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Since I do not use Twitter anymore, I figured I’d do these updates each weekend going forward, as every week I’ll be sure to add some new matches and work on making the profile section more complete.

  • Recommended Matches! I have added a few Recommended Matches since the last update. Remember that not all the matches I add are MOTYC, my goal is to have a variety of quality matches for those that don’t have the time/effort to hunt down what to watch and hopefully discover new wrestlers they enjoy. I try my best not to add any matches taken from streaming services offered directly by the promotion, however it the events also air on Nico Pro or Samurai TV! than they may be included. The following matches were added:
  • New Profiles Added. As I review older shows, it is becoming more necessary to add older profiles so I am slowly going through the Retired Wrestlers section. Once that is done, I’ll do the section for Inactive Wrestlers (ones that disappeared within the last few years but didn’t officially retire), and finally Obituaries, which happily is a very short list. I’ll also be adding Gaijin Wrestlers as needed. Here are the profiles I added in the last week:
  • Future Reviews. Since I can not watch wrestling while at my new job (imagine that), reviews will be a bit slower than they have been in the past as I’ll mostly work on them on weekends. This weekend I hope to get done a review from Marvelous, OZ Academy, and Stardom.
  • A How To Watch Joshi Column. This week I also plan on working on something that’s been on the “to do” list for a long time, which is do a complete column on where to legally watch Joshi. At the moment I am able to watch Stardom, WAVE, Marvelous, TJP, OZ Academy, SEAdLINNNG, and even YMZ directly. Since I know some others like me prefer to give financial support to the promotions they enjoy, I’ll go over the steps needed to watch them, as some are easier than others.