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All the wrestlers listed here either had an official retirement ceremony or haven’t wrestled in so long they are assumed to be retired. If a wrestler comes back for a rare one-shot match after retiring (such as Sachie Abe and Azumi Hyuga did in 2017), they will not be removed from this list as they are still assumed to be retired. If the wrestler begins wrestling a more active schedule after retiring (such as Chigusa Nagayo has done half a dozen times) then the wrestler will be removed from this page and placed on a more accurate page until they officially retire again. Soon I will add a page with wrestlers that are Inactive, but haven’t been Inactive long enough to assume to be retired (or are just MIA in general). This list is very far from complete and will continue to be added to over time, I have split up the wrestlers into three categories to make it easier to navigate. Names in BOLD have been added.


Recent Retirees (since 2010):