Joshi City Weekend Update for November 12th, 2017


A pretty slow week for the website, partly because no new events aired and partly because I was out of town for most of it. Here are all the updates made this week that didn’t appear on the front page:

  • Joshi City Shop Update! I finally got around to adding to the Joshi City Shop the rest of my autographed pictures with now 50 listed. Wrestlers available include Io Shirai, Mio Shirai, Kana, Hikaru Shida, Misaki Ohata, Aja Kong, DASH Chisako, and many more. All photos were purchased from Japan and range from 2005 to present (in Japan, many wrestlers date the photo when they sign it). I also added one copy of the Stardom Guide #100 that was released last month. Sometime in December I’ll have more DVDs available also.
  • Recommended Matches! I have added one match to the Recommended Matches page. Remember that not all the matches I add are MOTYCs, my goal is to have a variety of quality matches for those that don’t have the time/effort to hunt down what to watch and hopefully discover new wrestlers they enjoy. The following match was added:
  • New Profiles Added. As I review events from a variety of years, it is becoming more necessary to add older profiles so I am always working on the Retired Wrestlers section. I will also be slowly updating old profiles based on wrestler popularity with new pictures, GIFs, and their biggest matches. Here are the profiles I added or updated: