Hazuki “Wild Heart” Retirement Commemorative Photobook Review

Hazuki Retirement Cover
At Hazuki’s Retirement Show on December 24th, 2019, a special photobook was sold by Stardom to commemorate her retirement. You can read reviews for more photobooks on the Joshi Photobook Reviews page.

Full Photobook Details

Title: Hazuki “Wild Heart” Retirement Commemorative Photobook
Release: December 24th, 2019
Pages: 42
Cost: ¥2,500
Where to Buy: At live Stardom events

When Hazuki announced her pending retirement in November of 2019, it may have shocked wrestling fans but Stardom was clearly ready as a new photobook was released on the day of her retirement show. The Hazuki retirement photobook is full sized (A4) and all pages are in color. It has an added perk that all were signed on the cover by Hazuki, which we have seen before with Yoko Bito and Act Yasukawa as Stardom likes to have retirement photobooks with an autograph on the front. At 42 pages, it is not the biggest photobook but is almost twice as long as those released in the Stardom MyStar series.

As for the pictures, a few pages at the start of the book are new photos taken just for this release, while the rest are pictures are from throughout Hazuki’s career and from the various photobooks she has been in. This includes a wide variety of photo types, ranging from Oedo Tai pictures, modeling pictures, in-ring wrestling pictures, and pictures of Hazuki posing with titles she has won. They also included pictures from Hazuki’s first run in Stardom, when she wrestled as Reo Hazuki. Stardom didn’t break any new ground with this photobook but they really didn’t need to, as fans of her will enjoy the walk down memory lane as they cover different periods of Hazuki’s career in picture form. Clearly a must-have for any fans of Hazuki, if you can find it. Here is a sample of pictures from the photobook: