Joshi City Website Update for November 23rd, 2019

Itsuki HoshinoMayu Iwatani Bea PriestleyLulu Pencil

In the last couple weeks I have completed the following website updates:

  • Major Joshi City Shop Update! For Black Friday, I am going to add a lot of rare Joshi items to the Joshi City Shop. Items added will include 2013 Stardom Autograph cards, True Heart autographs of Mio Shirai, Kana, Hikaru Shida, and many more, plus a signed Act Yasukawa Retirement Program. All items will be added in the first few minutes after Midnight EST leading into Black Friday, and excited buyers tend to watch the site like a hawk for big updates so if you see something you want, I’d recommend checking as soon after midnight as you can. You can click on the pictures below to make them bigger if you need a better look.