Review: Candy Crush Photo Book by Stardom

I have a lot of Joshi related memorabilia, so to help new Joshi fans get more familiar with the products available I will be adding reviews to this site as well.

First up we have one of the newest photo books from Stardom, called Candy Crush.

Candy Crush features the new tag team of Kairi Hojo and Chelsea.  Chelsea has taken the Joshi world by storm, as in just a few months she went from unknown wrestler in America to one of the most popular wrestlers in the largest women’s wrestling promotion in the world. One of the primary ways she did this is she is extremely photogenic and obnoxiously attractive, and she has fully embraced the ‘idol’ aspect of Stardom’s presentation.

Kairi Hojo is of course no slouch either, as she is not only one of the most talented wrestlers in Stardom in the ring, but is also very alluring as well.  Hojo has been in many photo books since her debut in 2012, including one with former teammate Natsumi Showzuki (which I also own). Hojo and Chelsea have great chemistry both in and out of the ring, which leads to entertaining matches as well as quality photo books.

Official Details:

Title: Candy Crush
Release:  Summer of 2015
Producer: Stardom
Photographer: Yusuke Yanagihara
Wrestlers Featured: Kairi Hojo and Chelsea
Total Pages: 57
Cost: 2,500 yen
Where to Buy: Stardom Official Site

Of the half-dozen or so Joshi photo books I have purchased in the last few months, Candy Crush is one of my favorites. First of all, it has a lot of content as it contains more photos than most other photo books I have purchased (it also doesn’t have any pages with just text, which doesn’t do a lot for me personally anyway since I don’t know Japanese). Also, even though it has only two wrestlers in it they are two of the more photogenic wrestlers currently in Japan so every page is enjoyable.

IMG_0002 IMG_0004
As far as the risqué factor, it is a solid PG-13 and there are some photos I would not personally feel comfortable posting publicly online. There is no ‘nudity’ but there are a few topless pictures with carefully placed hands as well as some very ‘barely there’ outfits. Everything is done professionally of course and they are no different from other modeling poses you would see in many other magazines available in the United States.

Overall if you are a fan of Stardom or either of these wrestlers, I can definitely recommend Candy Crush, as long as you are able to track it down for a reasonable price. You will not be disappointed.