Joshi City Update for May 19th, 2019


Not a whole lot to report this week, but a few changes have taken place since the last time we checked in:

  • New Section! Particularly observant visitors may have noticed there is a new section up in the menu, Photobook Reviews. I have enough photobook reviews on the website now, particularly with the MyStar series, I figured it was about time to collect them all on one page for easy viewing. That means the GAEA Japan Project page has moved over to the right column so I could make room (I haven’t forgotten about that project, I promise). I also re-labeled the Recommended Matches section as “Joshi Match Uploads” just in the menu to make it more clear for new visitors that its not just recommendations but actual videos as well.
  • The Stardom Roster page has been updated! I seem to make this announcement quite a bit, but the Stardom Roster has again been updated. I usually try to wait to update rosters after after the promotion updates the page on their own site, but Stardom has been really slow lately with keeping their site current so I am no longer waiting. Anyway I have updated a few profiles and added GIFs, so all the wrestlers now have GIFs featuring their biggest moves. These two profiles in particular got overhauled:
  • Recommended Matches! I have added new match videos to the Recommended Matches page. Remember that not all the matches I add are MOTYCs, my goal is to have a variety of quality matches for those that don’t have the time/effort to hunt down what to watch and hopefully discover new wrestlers to enjoy. The following matches were added: