BBM True Heart Women’s Pro-Wrestling Cards 2007

front back

True Heart Women’s Pro-Wrestling Cards is an annual card set released by BBM in Japan. The set includes wrestlers from all the major Joshi promotions at the time (as well as many of the small ones), along with special subsets and autographs as well. A box of cards with 20 packs retailed for 8,400 yen, and packs were sold for 420 yen. Seven cards are in every pack.

Card Breakdown

99 Base Cards with 83 regular cards, 7 rookie cards (two wrestlers per card), and 9 retirement cards
9 Book Cards
6 Kiss Cards
2 Memorabilia Cards

There are also an unknown number of autograph cards. The autograph cards have the same picture as the base cards, however they are signed and have a BBM stamp with a serial number on the back.

One of the unique aspects of the 2007 set is on the front of most of the cards, the wrestlers posed in a more casual setting with normal clothing on. The backs of the cards had pictures of the wrestlers in their entrance or in-ring attire. Here are pictures of all 99 base cards (may take a moment to load):

And a few examples of what the back of the cards look like:

And finally an example of the autograph cards: