Weekly Pro Wrestling Magazine on 6/17/20 with Hana Kimura Memorial

Weekly Pro Magazine 6/17/20 Cover

After the tragic passing of Hana Kimura, Weekly Pro Wrestling covered Hana Kimura’s memorial service in the next magazine, which came out on June 3rd, 2020. The spread covered five pages, and included both older pictures of Hana Kimura and pictures from the service itself.

Normally I don’t do larger scans of magazines and photobooks, however since this magazine contained some content that a lot of fans wanted to see, I decided to give everyone a chance to see the pages and translate the text if they wanted to read it. Below are all the pages that have content related to Hana Kimura. The images as uploaded are larger than they appear below, however you may need to save the pictures to your device to display the full size.