Joshi City Weekend Update for November 5th, 2017


While nothing too exciting this week, I did finally start on a new roster page and reviewed the first DVD from the Kana Special DVD Set. Here are all the updates made this week that didn’t appear on the front page:

  • Roster Updates! It is borderline impossible to keep the rosters up to date in real time with all the constant changes, but I have made a few adjustments since the last update. Kagetsu and Tam Nakano are now listed on the Stardom Roster, Natsu Sumire has been added to Freelancers, and Manami Toyota was moved to the Retired Wrestlers section. Speaking of the Retired Wrestlers page, I have finished making profiles for my initial list, so now all the names on the page have created profiles. With that done, I have started working on the Inactive Wrestlers page, this page will be for wrestlers that are no longer active but didn’t officially announce their retirements. Once a wrestler is inactive for a long enough period of time, I’ll move their profile over to the Retired Wrestlers page at my discretion (or if I find some evidence they did retire).
  • Recommended Matches! A slow week, but i have added one match to the Recommended Matches page. Remember that not all the matches I add are MOTYC, my goal is to have a variety of quality matches for those that don’t have the time/effort to hunt down what to watch and hopefully discover new wrestlers they enjoy. The following match was added:
  • New Profiles Added. As I review events from a variety of years, it is becoming more necessary to add older profiles so I am working on the Retired Wrestlers section. I also added a profile for the most recent debuting Joshi wrestler – Ayame Sasamura for K-DOJO! Here are the profiles I added: