Joshi City Website Updates

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This is going to be a longer update than usual, but I’ll highlight the important information first.

Twitter Account Final Countdown. As people that follow me on Twitter know, starting next week I will no longer be active on Twitter. Since I’ve made some friends on there over the last two years, I figured I’d give a bit more of an explanation as to why I was ever on Twitter in the first place, and why I decided to no longer use it.

The fact of the matter is, as a general rule I am not really a social media guy. I don’t have a Facebook account, Pinterest, or Reddit. I never had MySpace (I’m old, that was a thing when I was in high school) and I just have things in life I enjoy more than using social media. I only visit one forum, but not every day, and that tends to satisfy my need to see what other wrestling fans are enjoying. I didn’t join Twitter for the first time until 2015, and that was only to ask Kellie Skater a question. I hung around for awhile to advertise my website, but I never intended to stay on the platform long term.

While Joshi City is not dependent on Twitter to be successful, as only 10% of the site’s acquisitions are from the platform, my other website Puro Central Shop is dependent on it. Between Google and being around now for two years, Joshi City continues to grow every month and isn’t reliant on Twitter to do so. Puro Central Shop, on the other hand, needed Twitter to grow as the shop software isn’t great for SEO. No Twitter = Limited Sales. When I re-launched the shop last fall, even though I wasn’t at the time running the shop’s twitter account, I figured people would be asking where I was so it was easier to create the JoshiPuro account also to promote this site. I’ve enjoyed running the shop but it is incredibly time consuming. The time spent ordering, packaging, promoting, etc. has gotten old after two years, and after mailing well over 1,100 orders it was time to go in a different direction. I’ll still sell some items like signed cards on my Ebay account, but all other leftover items will go into my personal collection, be given away to friends, or will be donated.

With the shop finally officially closing for good next week, there isn’t a need for either Twitter account as I only had the JoshiPuro account while I was on Twitter anyway for the shop. This does not mean, of course, that this website is going away. In fact, Joshi City will be updated more often since I won’t be spending time on Twitter or the shop. I just gained about ten extra hours a week of additional time, and watching Joshi is still my primary hobby. Since people on Twitter are probably used to just clicking the links I tweet out and not visiting directly, I may lose a few visitors, but the site is already doing much better than I ever thought it would considering its such a niche product I talk about. I hope that everyone in the Twitterverse continues to visit, and I’ll still post magazine pictures and GIFs on here that people are free to post around if they’d like. And I’ll still upload matches, I’ll just be sure to do a front page column like this one each time I do, and people are welcome to share the DM links on Twitter.

I don’t think that Twitter is evil, I’ve met some good people and I was able to “talk to” wrestlers in a way that normally would have been impossible. Over the years I got to directly interact with Kana, Kris Wolf, Kellie Skater, Hudson Envy, Cheeseburger, Pete Dunne, GAMI, KAORU, Vader, and other wrestlers which I couldn’t have ever done if I wasn’t on Twitter. And while I have a couple of haters, that just told me that I was doing a good job, as if you don’t have any haters then you really aren’t trying that hard. I can still be reached by email if you have any questions, my email address is Like I said, this won’t have a negative impact on Joshi City updates, so you can still trust Joshi City to continue to be the best and most comprehensive Joshi website in the world.