Translation of Kana’s Interview in Weekly Pro Wrestling on 8/25/10

While I do not know how common of a feature this will be, I would like to get some of Kana’s interviews from Weekly Pro Wrestling translated as so few of Kana’s interviews from her time in Japan are available in English. This isn’t necessarily a cheap process as I am paying a legitimate (although amateur) translator to help as obviously I do not trust Google Translate to be accurate. There may be some concepts/ideas lost in translation due to the content (wrestlers say odd things sometimes) and general tone which can be hard to convey, however the translated text should be close enough to the intended message to give an accurate picture of what Kana is saying. As I do more of these down the road, I will always include a scan of the actual interview so those that know Japanese can read the interview in its original form.

Weekly Pro Wrestling Magazine on 8/25/10
Released August 11th, 2010

Background: In 2010, Kana was a Freelancer and frequently appeared in Tajiri’s new promotion, SMASH. On June 25th, 2010, Kana and Syuri wrestled in the main event of SMASH.4, with Syuri winning. In this interview, Kana is discussing her upcoming rematch with Syuri, which was set to take place at SMASH.5 on July 24th, 2010.

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Kana Weekly Pro August 2010

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Interview Introduction: The severe battle at the last tournament between Syuri and Kana demolished stereotypes that existed in the world of female professional wrestling. They are fighting again at 7.24 (starting at 12) on SMASH.5. Kana, demanding a rematch is in possession of serious intents. She is ready to surpass her limits and her plan is to showcase her most severe fighting skills during the rematch. But what is the “Manifesto” Kana is talking about? Let’s try to look at the true intent of this maverick facing the final battle. (Interview and editorial works: Fumio Tokita)

Interviewer: Right after your last battle, you said that you want revenge…

Kana: Well… I’ve had that fight with Syuri and that made me feel like I was able to show everything I had been talking about in response to her. Meanwhile, right after the battle, I thought of having a rematch before the fire inside me goes out.

Interviewer: So that was a certain self-esteem, telling you that there should be another fight between Syuri and Kana?

Kana: Exactly. So I’ve been talking about this since the beginning, but Syuri was a wrestler who didn’t know much about female professional wrestling, therefore we had this fight.

Interviewer: I know that opinions vary, but this must have been your best fight, right?

Kana: That’s right. This was my best fight. Even though I lost… it was a pity, but I’ve gained a lot of things and these were more important to me than the fact of losing the game. What’s more, it was a fight during which I could showcase many things to other female professional wrestlers.

Interviewer: In this sense, the establishment of the SMASH organization is definitely a fortunate thing for you, isn’t it?

Kana: Undoubtedly. Without SMASH these things would have been impossible to showcase and there would have been no place to use these properly. There were places rejecting me saying that they are not willing to accept someone saying such things. I received various feedback from various places, therefore I’m grateful to SMASH and to TAJIRI who accepted me.

Interviewer: The hatred from Syuri towards you seems to be ceasing. Your strategies in the rematch will be very different, right? Don’t you have any apprehensions?

Kana: Not really, I thought that if we have a fight Syuri’s feelings will change. What, did she say something about this? She was moved emotionally, wasn’t she? I thought that this will inevitably happen. Rather, she likes me too much and I think things will happen against her will. (laughs) Didn’t she say this?

Interviewer: No she did not!

Kana: Oh… really? That’s weird.

Interviewer: In the first place, because you don’t hate Syuri, do you?

Kana: I like her! I like her! There is nothing I can do about this (laughs). I’ll sacrifice her, that’s it. But the fact that her hatred disappeared happened according to my expectations. We’ll collide in a different way, and the battle will change forms. I think this will be interesting. I’m planning to use that thing I obtained in the last fight and my ideas will manifest in the ring. In other words, my plan is to perform the last rites that are understood only ​in the small world of female professional wrestling.

Interviewer: Asking for a rematch within such a short period of time is not common. Were you certain that you would get the green light when you told your intentions to TAJIRI?

Kana: I was pretty sure that TAJIRI would understand me. When I contacted TAJIRI, I was told the following: “I know that you are not saying that you want to repeat it, because losing the battle made you feel frustrated, so let’s give it another try!”. When I heard this, I was sure that we were thinking in the same way.

Interviewer: In this regard, there was something else that caused troubles. Is it appropriate to think of the thing so-called “Manifesto” as something that has already been ready in you and your plan is to showcase it soon?

Kana: Correct. This is the clear manifestation of my intentions. I’m going to showcase the manifestation of my ideas that’s essential for the creation of the Second World during the next event.

Interviewer: When exposing this to a third party, there must be unjust suspicions about professional wrestling taboos or that is to say latent destructive elements.

Kana: Well… doesn’t this make you guys more excited?

Interviewer: Since when did you have the idea of showcasing the “Manifesto”?

Kana: Since the last battle, when I grasped that response. Because, you know… I had been hearing in past tournaments that she is a little troublemaker and that was it. I was supposed to show it in these tournaments, but I was told otherwise. Therefore, even though I was supposed to present a theme, I didn’t have the chance. I think the opportunity to show it on the SMASH stage is a good thing.

Interviewer: It might be an inappropriate request, but would you mind us writing a special issue about the “Manifesto” in the Professional Wrestling Weekly Magazine?

Kana: Well… Let me think about it!