Rookie Spotlight: Kris Wolf

Introducing…. Kris Wolf!

 wolfdance wolf
Kris Wolf began her wrestling career in August of 2014, after training in the Stardom Dojo.  After traveling to Japan to find new experiences, Wolf ended on training as a professional wrestler even though she was not a wrestler in the United States.  Wolf is also a photographer and has many outside hobbies she still enjoys, including making funny faces and eating as much meat as possible.

After debuting on August 10th of 2014, for the first six months she generally hung out in the opening matches against other younger wrestlers, such as Reo Hazuki.  After proving herself, Wolf made her first splash when she joined Oedo Tai.  Oedo Tai is a large faction in Stardom, and includes Act Yasukawa, Heidi Lovelace, Hudson Envy, Kyoko Kimura, Nikki Storm, Thunder Rosa, and Starfire.  Currently, Wolf tends to team with some combination of her Oedo Tai friends in the mid-card, most regularly with Nikki Storm.

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With a posse and a year experience on her belt, it will be interesting to see where Kris Wolf goes from here. For more information on Kris Wolf, follow her on Twitter, check out her blog, or get more biographical information over at Puroresu Central. For your viewing pleasure I uploaded a match of hers against another young wrestler, Chelsea, from April of 2015 (if it doesn’t work the first time, just hit ‘play’ again):