DDM “Destiny Dream Mode” Stardom Photobook Review

DDM Destiny Dream Mode Cover

After a bit of a break from the photobook business, Stardom came back with a bang in March of 2021 as they released three photobooks. One of the new photobooks focused on Giulia’s faction, DDM (Donna del Mondo). You can read reviews for more magazine and photobooks on the Joshi Photobook Reviews page.

Full Details

Title: DDM “Destiny Dream Mode”
Release:  March 3rd, 2021
Pages: 64
Size: A4
Cost: ¥3,000
Where to Buy: Stardom Online Shop and Third Party Vendors

After Bushiroad purchased Stardom in late 2019, their photobook productivity seemed to slow as the new parent company focused on other aspects of the promotion. Only two photobooks were released in 2020, and the annual Stardom World photobook did not come out in January. Just as it seemed they were easing away from photobooks, Stardom surprised their fans with three photobooks released at once, including this one – DDM “Destiny Dream Mode.” Destiny Dream Mode features the wrestlers in the Donna del Mondo faction – Giulia, Himeka, Syuri, Maika, and Natsupoi.

Stardom photobooks tend to have a theme and DDM “Destiny Dream Mode” is no different. Some of the pictures are in normal casual wear, but others almost have a Western/old time-y look. I’m not sure exactly what they were going for but its very unique and sets it apart from other photobook released in the past. Most of the pictures are of the wrestlers solo or in pairs, as there are very few group pictures. While all five wrestlers looked good, Himeka and Maika really jumped off the page as its not a look we are used to seeing them in and they nailed it.

The photobook may be a little too short to please fans of any one wrestler, as five wrestlers had to share 60 pages. But each one still got a chance to shine in solo pictures, with some being more memorable than others as Natsupoi for whatever reason didn’t leave as much of an impression as the others. Still, fans of DDM will certainly enjoy the photobook, and its unique look will help keep even more casual Stardom fans interested. Here is a sample of pictures from the photobook: