LADYS RING Joshi Magazine Volume 7


Product: LADYS RING Volume 7
Release Date: August 4th, 2016
Cost: ¥ 1,200 (approximately $11.50)
Where to Buy: and

LADYS RING is a popular Joshi magazine that is released every month in Japan. As is generally the issue with printed media, the information tends to be about a month behind, however they make up for that by having great pictures from a wide variety of Joshi promotions. Since Joshi is not as well covered in Weekly Pro, LADYS RING provides the one of the best pictorial displays of the Joshi Scene.

LADYS RING Volume 7 covers the following events:

  • SHIMMER from June 24th to June 26th
  • Pro Wrestling WAVE on June 29th
  • Stardom on June 16th
  • Stardom on June 26th
  • Sendai Girls’ on July 2nd
  • Ice Ribbon on July 3rd
  • Ice Ribbon on July 18th
  • Gatoh Move on June 22nd
  • Pro Wrestling WAVE on July 6th
  • Pro Wrestling WAVE on July 20th
  • JWP on July 24th
  • JWP on June 12th
  • SEAdLINNNG on July 11th
  • REINA on July 21st
  • OZ Academy on July 18th
  • Marvelous on June 4th
  • WWE Live in Japan on July 1st (only Asuka’s match)
  • FMW on June 21st (only Dump/Mongol)
  • SHIMMER Directory (profile pictures of SHIMMER wrestlers)

The magazine is a total of 88 pages. Below I have scanned 12 example pages from the magazine to provide a better look at what the magazine offers.