Evaluation of Joshi Streaming Services for April 2021 Results

Joshi Evaluation April 2021

This page is a rough draft that I will be updating as I go, a final ranking and analysis won’t take place until May and the page will be “prettied up” then. But I thought some may enjoy seeing the updates in real time, so I decided to go ahead and publish it. Visit this page for more information on the ongoing project.


  • Overall Quality of Events
  • Number of Events and Total Matches Added in April (2021 events only)
  • Timeliness of Event Uploads (when the event took place vs. when it was uploaded)
  • Value Compared to Cost

Ground Rules:

  • Only events available for the flat streaming fee will be counted, not events that cost extra on top of the regular monthly price.
  • The period for evaluation will be based on the JST time zone. Any events fully added to a streaming service between April 1st and April 30th will be evaluated.
  • Only wrestling events will be evaluated, not interviews, talk shows, etc. as I don’t speak Japanese so I can’t fairly evaluate the quality of them.
  • Events will not be evaluated and considered as “uploaded” until the entire event is available (mostly pertains to Stardom).
  • Individual match uploads will only be evaluated if the entire event is uploaded in April.
  • Events heavily clipped/in digest form will not be evaluated.
  • If an event from a primarily Joshi promotion is fully uploaded but has some matches that do not have any Joshi wrestlers, only matches with at least one Joshi wrestler will be evaluated. If JTO events are uploaded on NicoPro they will be evaluated as they have a significant Joshi roster.

Service: PURE-J on Filmuy
Cost: 1,040 yen
Website: https://filmuy.com/pure-j

Event Date Uploaded Matches Grade
Fight Together 4/11/21 4/13/21 5 B
Dojo Event 4/18/21 4/19/21 3 N/A

Service: Actwres girl’Z Nets
Cost: 1,000 yen
Website: https://actwresgirlz.net/app

Event Date Uploaded Matches Grade

Service: Marvelous Wrestling Nico Channel
Cost: 990 yen
Website: https://ch.nicovideo.jp/marvelouspro

Event Date Uploaded Matches Grade

Service: Stardom World
Cost: 920 yen
Website: https://www.stardom-world.com

Event Date Uploaded Matches Grade
Live Event (Evening Show) 3/28/21 4/2/21 5 D
Yokohama Dream Cinderella 4/4/21 4/7/21 6 N/A
Cinderella Tournament Day 1 4/10/21 4/12/21 11 N/A
New Century 2021 4/17/21 4/19/21 5 N/A

Service: Wrestle Universe (for Tokyo Joshi Pro)
Cost: 900 yen
Website: https://www.ddtpro.com/universe

Event Date Uploaded Matches Grade
INSPIRATION 4/1/21 4/1/21 3 B-
Spring Tour ’21 ~ The Bullet 4/3/21 4/6/21 6 N/A
Go Girl ~ Women Only Free Show 4/4/21 4/7/21 6 N/A
That’s J-PW #1 4/12/21 4/12/21 1 B-
That’s J-PW #2 4/15/21 4/15/21 1 C
STILL INCOMPLETE 4/17/21 4/17/21 7 N/A
That’s J-PW #3 4/19/21 4/19/21 1 D

Service: NicoPro Nico Channel
Cost: 550 yen
Website: https://ch.nicovideo.jp/nicopro

Event Date Uploaded Matches Grade
JTO Kaku 2021 3/19/21 4/5/21 2 D
YMZ Gokigen April 2021 4/3/21 4/8/21 3 N/A
AWG Beginning 4/13/21 4/16/21 4 C+
Ice Ribbon #1109 4/11/21 4/20/21 5 N/A

Service: Ice Ribbon Nico Channel
Cost: 550 yen
Website: https://ch.nicovideo.jp/iceribbon

Event Date Uploaded Matches Grade
Ice Ribbon P’s Party #68 3/10/21 4/10/21 4 C+

Service: Sendai Girls’ Youtube Channel
Cost: Free
Website: https://www.youtube.com/user/sendaigirls

Event Date Uploaded Matches Grade

Service: Diana Youtube Channel
Cost: Free
Website: https://www.youtube.com/c/dianaofficial/

Event Date Uploaded Matches Grade
Diana Dojo Event 4/11/21 4/11/21 3 N/A

Service: Gatoh Move Youtube Channel
Cost: Free
Website: https://www.youtube.com/c/GatohMove

Event Date Uploaded Matches Grade
ChocoPro #101 4/3/21 4/3/21 3 N/A
ChocoPro #102 4/4/21 4/4/21 2 N/A
ChocoPro #103 4/5/21 4/5/21 2 N/A
ChocoPro #104 4/10/21 4/10/21 3 N/A
ChocoPro #105 4/11/21 4/11/21 3 N/A
ChocoPro #106 4/12/21 4/12/21 3 N/A
ChocoPro #107 4/17/21 4/17/21 2 N/A
ChocoPro #108 4/18/21 4/18/21 3 N/A


To Be Determined!