Joshi City Website Annoucement

I wanted to quickly give an update on some of the content coming to Joshi City over the next few months, as since the website is still relatively new (only been regularly updated since January) I am still feeling things out on what type of content people want and what type of content I am able to provide.

First of all, some new features/articles will be coming before the end of the year:

  • Joshi Magazine Scans – LADYS RING and RING STARS are two popular Joshi magazines that are released monthly in Japan. As they are released and I receive my copy, I will make high quality scans of some of the pages/pictures just to spotlight some of what is going on in the current Joshi scene.
  • Joshi “Goods” Reviews – I already have somewhat started this, but it will pick up in the next few weeks. I want this site to be a one-stop shop for all types of Joshi-related content, and not just be about show reviews. I have a fair amount of Joshi Memorabilia and continue to get more on a monthly basis directly from Japan, and so that the site content doesn’t get stale I’ll occasionally highlight something and give details on how to get the items if they are still for sale.
  • Monthly News/Opinion Column – I think I did one once, it got a lot of clicks and then I never did another one, but I will make an effort to do a monthly piece just recapping the big stories in Joshi and/or giving my thoughts on some of the recent activity that isn’t covered in my reviews.
  • Gravure Reviews – *ducks* I know some people don’t like the gravure videos, but they have been a big part of Joshi since at least the early 90s. Plus they get good clicks, so I know it is something that visitors are interested in. I’ll be sure not to do more than one gravure review a month so the site doesn’t get too sexy.
  • Defunct Promotion Profiles – Even though making profiles is one my least favorite things, the profiles are some of the most popular pages on the website so I do recognize the demand for them. Over the next few months I will be adding profile pages for some of the defunct promotions I review shows from, including NEO, ARSION, and more. I already added some AtoZ content to Kana‘s profile, just as an example of what will be included on already-existing profiles. This should make it easier to find information on some of the wrestlers I talk about but may have retired long ago.
  • Updated Monthly Rankings – I know they are up there and I’ve been too lazy to update them, but starting November 1st and onward I will start updating them again. I may even expand it to also rank other categories such as tag teams or rookies, but that is pending me actually feeling like doing the research to do that properly. But the singles wrestler rankings will definitely be updated on a monthly basis going forward.
  • Recommend Matches – Just a friendly reminder that I do still update the Recommended Matches list a few times a month, and I added a match from the SEAdLINNNG show I just watched. I will try to upload at least one match from each full event that I review.

I think that is it. I will still have show reviews of course, ideally I’d like to update the site once a day with some type of content and having more of a variety will help me do that as I generally only do one or two reviews a week. Thanks for being a visitor to the website, I know the site focus is a pretty niche product which is why there really aren’t any sites out there that just focus on a variety of Joshi content, but I get enough people swinging by to make it worth the effort and the site continues to grow.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or snide remarks I can be reached at or through the Contact Form linked at the bottom of the page, whichever you prefer.