Kairi Hojo Recommended Matches

I posted these on Twitter also, but after Kairi Hojo’s recent announcement she is leaving Stardom I got a fair amount of questions asking what her best matches are (note that many sites are reporting it wrong, next weekend is not her last weekend, she will be in Stardom probably until June). Naturally, Kairi Hojo has had a lot of great matches in her five year career, but here are 12 that aired on Samurai TV that I can recommend (with links to the matches):

There are many more quality Kairi Hojo matches on Stardom World, I’d definitely recommend her match last week against Toni Storm which was really solid. She has at least one more great match left in her for Stardom, as we will get to see her face off against Mayu Iwatani later this month for the Wonder of Stardom Championship.