Tae Honma in Mexico Official Photobook Review

Tae Honma in Mexico Cover

The Tae en Mexico Photobook was released in 2019 and has pictures from Tae Honma’s excursion to Mexico. You can read reviews for more photobooks on the Joshi Photobook Reviews page.

Tae Honma in Mexico Photobook Details:

Official Title: Tae en Mexico Official Photobook
Release: October 31st, 2019
Pages: ~50
Cost: ¥2,000
Where to Buy: Champion Shop

Joshi wrestlers having photobooks is far from a novel concept, but I do enjoy when we get a surprise or unexpected photobook from a more “under the radar” wrestler. This photobook certainly qualifies, as Tae Honma is not as well known to most fans even though at the time this was released she had been wrestling for over four years. She is a member of Actwres girl’Z and for the first several years was not highlighted in the promotion, but recently has gotten a chance to shine in other promotions and her stock is rising in Actwres girl’Z as well. In 2019 she traveled to Mexico and took part in some CMLL events, which is what this photobook features.

If you are only a fan of ‘sexy’ photobooks, this isn’t the photobook for you. While Tae Honma is an attractive woman, this photobook focuses on her sightseeing in Mexico and training in CMLL. Her attire ranges from casual to her in-ring gear, with nothing more scandalous than that. As a change of pace, I enjoyed it, as not every photobook has to feature bikinis and skin to be worthwhile. Still, its worth noting since it is a departure from the norm and from what some fans may be expecting. The photobook is full size and all in color, and provides plenty of content for the relatively low price. Here is a sample of pictures from the photobook: