Tam Nakano “Twilight” Photobook Review

Twilight Cover

An idol before she became a professional wrestler, few wrestlers on the current scene put out as many modeling/gravure photoshoots as Tam Nakano does. Between solo and group photobooks, Tam Nakano has already participated in at least half a dozen photobooks released by Stardom since she joined the promotion in 2017. You can read reviews for more magazine and photobooks on the Joshi Photobook Reviews page.

FullĀ Details

Title: Tam Nakano “Twilight”
Release: July 2021
Size: A4
Cost: Ā„3,000
Where to Buy: Stardom Online Shop and Third Party Vendors

Currently in Stardom, Tam Nakano leads the “Cosmic Angels” faction, a group that is not shy about flaunting their appearances. With the majority of the wrestlers in the faction being former idols or models, photobooks such as these are part of their gimmick, so it was not a surprise when another Tam Nakano solo photobook was released.

Twilight follows a similar pattern that we have seen in other Stardom photobooks – a high quality and professional photoshoot with a variety of scenes/outfits so the photobook doesn’t get dull. It certainly does not set any new ground, which is admittedly difficult in photobooks, but anyone that has purchased a Stardom photobook before knows the quality as they put a lot of effort into the presentation. Since it doesn’t go outside their usual box its hard to give a strong recommendation for casual Stardom fans, but fans of Tam Nakano will no doubt enjoy it. Here are a sample of pictures from the photobook: