Kairi Hojo Re:Wrestler Photobook Review

Over the next few months I will be looking back at some of the photobooks released by Stardom before they became a more well-known promotion in the United States. Today I am reviewing the photobook Kairi Hojo Re:Wrestler, which was released by Stardom in December of 2014. Check the Photobook Reviews page for a complete list of photobooks that have been reviewed on the website.

Full Photobook Details

Title: Kairi Hojo Re:Wrestler
Release: December 23rd, 2014
Pages: 32
Cost: ¥1,500
Where to Buy: No longer available

Today, Kairi Hojo is an Internationally known star and one of the top wrestlers in WWE NXT as she wrestles under the name Kairi Sane, but back in 2014 she was a popular but overshadowed tag team specialist in the Joshi promotion Stardom. At the time the photobook was released, she had been a multi-time champion with the tag team or trios titles but she still was out-ranked by Io Shirai, Act Yasukawa, Nanae Takahashi, and Yoshiko in the overall pecking order. Nonetheless, she was a fan favorite and due to that she got her first solo photobook at the end of 2014 after previously only taking part in tag team or promotion-wide photobooks. This photobook is not full sized or full paged (the size of the photobook is B4), but Kairi did not have to share pages with any other wrestlers so it was still a sign that Stardom recognized her popularity.

For a Kairi Hojo/Kairi Sane fan, this photobook should certainly be seen as a success. A lot of time was put into making it as it contains a wide variety of photos, ranging from casual, “model” attire, in-ring attire, and some pictures with her under her mask. Even though I wish it was longer and full-paged, since it was sold by Stardom as a “discount” photobook and not part of a main series, it is hard to complain. Here is a sample of the photos that can be found in the photobook: