POWER: Jungle Kyona MyStar Stardom Photobook Review

Starting in late 2018, Stardom began a new photobook series, called MyStar, with their top wrestlers getting their own smaller photobook all to themselves. Jungle Kyona was the forth wrestler to featured, following Mayu Iwatani, Starlight Kid, and Hazuki.

Full Details

Title: POWER: Jungle Kyona from the Stardom MyStar Series
Release: January 2019
Pages: 30
Cost: ¥2,000
Where to Buy: Third Party Vendors

As mentioned above, these are smaller (and cheaper) photobooks than Stardom usually puts out, however that does not mean the quality of the photobook is negatively impacted. Stardom at this point has become almost as good at producing photobooks as they are at producing wrestling shows, and the effort put into this photobook shows this. Even though the photobook features a single wrestler, there are still multiple scenes/scenarios presented that fit the personality of the wrestler so its not just random scenes chosen at the whim of the photographer. For Kyona’s book, they take a wide variety of shots as it is less focused on one theme compared to Hazuki’s book. A fair number show Kyona in her in-ring attire, but there are plenty of casual shots as well. Since Kyona often gets lost in the shuffle, it is nice that here she gets a chance to shine on her own and she seizes the opportunity with a diverse spread that shows she is more than just Stardom’s power wrestler. Here is a sample of photos from the photobook: