Akira Hokuto Photobook “Uno”

Title: 北斗晶写真集―UNO  (Akira Hokuto Photobook “Uno”)
Release: November 1st, 1994
Total Pages: 103
Cost: ¥2,500 (estimated)
Where to Buy: Amazon.jp

Akira Hokuto is one of the most famous Joshi wrestlers of all time. She is known to many as one of the “strongest” Joshi wrestlers not only for her actions in the ring, but outside of it as well. Hokuto never did any of the gravure photobooks, as that wasn’t her style, however she did have a few photobooks with pictures of her wrestling and from her personal life. This one, titled UNO (her real name), focuses on her wrestling matches the year prior as well as casual pictures of Hokuto outside the ring. It also covers her career in Mexico, with many pictures of her as Reina Jubuki with the CMLL World Women’s Championship.

The book is hard cover and has an outside sleeve, making it one of the better quality photobooks I have ever owned. Below are a sampling of some of the pictures in the photobook: