Kana Manifesto Final Gravure Review

With all the excitement around Kana signing with WWE, I thought it would be a good time to review her final gravure video, titled Kana Manifesto Final.

kanafest kanafest2
Title: Kana Manifesto Final
Release Date: August 28th, 2015
Where to Buy: Amazon Japan

Before I review this DVD, I first wanted to explain quickly what a gravure video is for those that are not familiar.  These are basically modeling videos, where a model (or models) poses for the camera wearing provocative clothing. In a way it is like a live-action photobook, there is no talking during it as typically music plays in the background. This is Kana’s fourth gravure video so it is a medium that she is comfortable with, and while it may be a bit offensive to some there is not any nudity as the posing is mostly done in bikinis or lingerie.

The DVD is split into four basic sections: an interview with Kana during the shooting (seven minutes), an interview after the shooting (six minutes), the gravure itself (49 minutes), and then a wrestling match (24 minutes). One of the unique things when wrestlers do a gravure video is there are also wrestling matches on the DVD as well.

Sadly, that is Kana Manifesto Final‘s main downfall. While usually there are a handful of matches, this DVD only has one wrestling match, and it is a match that is already available elsewhere. Her match against Syuri on 12/26/14 was a great match, no doubt about that, but it is one I have already seen and made TV. The version on this DVD is not the same one released by REINA and the ring-side camera does give a better view than the hard cam in the crowd, but it is still the same match. Kana has been in so many matches the last few years it is disappointing that a few other matches were not included.

The gravure itself is exactly what you’d expect, Kana sexily posing in very little clothing with the camera usually focusing on her bosom, which naturally is not an issue. Some of the music is awful and contributes nothing to the video, but having silence probably would have been worse. Over the 49 minutes, Kana switches between half a dozen different outfits and locations, and everything is very easy on the eyes. Few would argue that Kana isn’t a beautiful woman, and this portion of the DVD was definitely the star as it was intended to be.

My primary complaint about the DVD is simply the lack of matches. The gravure portion is quality, and is a great up close look at one of the more sexual wrestlers in the world. If there were more matches it would be an easy recommendation, but the entire DVD clocks in at under an hour and a half which is disappointing. For a die-hard Kana fan this is a must have, but it is not cheap to get in the US so without the matches I can’t give Kana Manifesto Final my highest recommendation.