AJW Official Cards Collection Vol. 1 Card List and Review

AJW Card Collection Vol. 1 Box

In my collection I have a wide variety of Joshi card sets from over the years, many of which do not have a card list anywhere on the Internet. So I hope to slowly add more of them to Joshi City, with the next set being a full card set released by All Japan Women.

Card Set: AJW Official Cards Collection Vol. 1
Release Date: 1996
Number of Cards in Set: 62 base cards, 4 premium cards
Cost per Set: ¥2,000
Where to Purchase: Third Party Vendors

Tracking down information for the AJW Official Cards Collection Vol. 1 set was not an easy task, since there aren’t a lot of details for the set on the Internet. Produced in 1996, the set includes all the main wrestlers of the Joshi promotion All Japan Women. Perhaps even more significantly, the set also includes cards of some of their stars from the 70s and 80s, providing a look back at the wrestlers that helped make All Japan Women one of the best promotions in the world. A second volume was produced as well, which included the younger wrestlers in AJW plus wrestlers from other promotions.

The cards were sold as a complete set, not in packs, and all sets include the 62 base cards. I am not sure if they also included all four premium cards or each set only had a limited number of premium cards, as the box I purchased did not have any premium cards (it was already opened). It did however have all of the base cards, which I scanned below. I really love this set as it covers the full history of All Japan Women (as of 1996) with high quality pictures of wrestlers from across the different eras.

Here is the official checklist:

Red = Premium Card

1. Manami Toyota
2. Aja Kong
3. Yumiko Hotta
4. Kyoko Inoue
5. Mima Shimoda
6. Toshiyo Yamada
7. Etsuko Mita
8. Takako Inoue
9. Mariko Yoshida
10. Sakie Hasegawa
11. Kaoru Ito
12. Tomoko Watanabe
13. Kumiko Maekawa
14. Rie Tamada
15. Chaparita Asari
16. Yumi Fukawa
17. Yuka Shiina
18. Yoshiko Tamura
19. Nobue Endo
20. Misae Watanabe
21. Bull Nakano
22. Akira Hokuto
23. Lioness Aska
24. Reyna Jubuki
25. Blizzard Yuki
26. Reggie Bennett
27. Freedom Force
28. Nagaharu Imai
29. Bob Yazawa
30. Double Inoue
31. Manami Toyota
32. Championship Night
33. AJW Destiny
34. Innocent Stars in Kawasaki
35. Mildred Burke
36. Marie Vagnone
37. Aiko Kyo
38. Jean Antone
39. Sandy Star
40. Sara Lee
41. Miyoko Hoshino
42. Sandy Parker
43. Jumbo Miyamoto
44. Bambi Ball
45. Jackie West
46. Mach Fumiake
47. Mariko Akagi
48. Maki Ueda
49. Jackie Sato
50. Monster Ripper
51. Jaguar Yokota
52. La Galactica
53. Devil Masami
54. Yukari Omori
55. Chigusa Nagayo
56. Lioness Aska
57. Bull Nakano
58. Aja Kong
59. Manami Toyota
60. Dynamite Kansai
61. Misdo Club
62. Aja Kong
63. Manami Toyota
64. Akira Hokuto
65. Bull Nakano
66. Kyoko Inoue

As I mentioned, the box I purchased did not have any premium cards, but here are all the regular cards in order:

Finally, here is a scan of the back of the box:All Japan Women Official Cards Vol. 1 Box Back