1996 AJW Junior All Star Card Collection Vol. 2

ajwcardcollection1996 ajwcardcollection96back

As everyone that knows me is aware, I collect a lot of Joshi memorabilia and occasionally sell it as well. One of the biggest things I collect are sports cards, whether it be football or wrestling and I have too many cards to count. Since there isn’t a lot of information online about different Joshi products available, I will occasionally do a feature on some Joshi products that I have in my collection to show what is out there.

In 1996, AJW created one of the first sets of Joshi-only cards ever manufactured called the Official Cards Collection. The set was sold in two parts: Volume 1 had the main wrestlers from various Joshi promotions, and Volume 2 had all of the Jr. Wrestlers (or the younger wrestlers). Even though the set was produced by All Japan Women, since they were the largest promotion at the time, the set also features wrestlers from JWP, GAEA Japan, LLPW, Jd’, IWA Japan, and FMW.

The cards were made in part to celebrate a show put on by AJW, called “The Dream and Future” that took place on 5/18/96, featuring all the wrestlers in the set. The full set had 114 cards, since this volume was the second half, it starts with card number #75. The set had no autograph cards and didn’t come in packs, the volumes were sold as complete sets. Many of these wrestlers faded out and never became big stars, but as you will see below there are several that became champions down the road. Here are all the cards in the set, along with the promotion the wrestler was in.