Memorabilia: Matsumoto, Shida, and Fujimoto Triple Autograph

BBM True Heart 2014 – Triple On Card Autograph #/75


BBM has teamed with Joshi wrestlers since 2003 to produce a card set that includes many different special types of cards.  Since autographs are all the rage, it includes cards with a wide range of autographs on it.  Some of these cards are quite rare but enough have been made over the last 12 years that they are not difficult to track down.

While I was looking around recently I stumbled across this card which I like quite a bit.  I am a fan of cards with multiple autographs, especially when the grouping makes sense.  Miyako Matsumoto, Hikaru Shida, and Tsukasa Fujimoto were part of a television program called Muscle Venus, which is what this card is celebrating.  Even more important is that these are on-card autographs, not stickers, so they had to track down the trio when they were together to get them to sign the cards.  This is easier said then done.  Not all the autographs on this card are strong but Shida’s in particular showed up really well.  75 of these cards were made total, with this one in particular numbered 9/75.


As of the time of this post you can purchase the card from Toudoukan for roughly $30 before shipping, I have purchased from them many times and they are completely trustworthy.  Also they do not charge an extra fee to ship to the US, just the cost of the item(s) and shipping.  You can find the card here:  Matsumoto, Shida, and Fujimoto Triple Autograph.