Stardom Mask Fiesta Halloween Party on 10/23/16 Review

Event: Stardom Mask Fiesta Halloween Party 2016
Date: October 23rd, 2016
Location: Shin-Kiba 1ST RING in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance: 285

A new yearly tradition for Stardom is having a ‘Mask Festival” for Halloween. This is as fun and laid back event, where all the wrestlers wear masks and have a new name just for the night. While these events don’t pump out any Five Star Classics since the mood is different, they can still be fun as it pairs up wrestlers that don’t usually wrestle each other and its interesting to see the wrestlers in a different environment. Here are the matches (with their real identities):

  • Mini Iotica (Azumi) and Blood Rayne (Kris Wolf) vs. Twinkle Rabbit (Arisu Nanase) and Kumami (Eimi Nishina)
  • Poison Shamrock (Leah Owens) and Kasey Quinzell (Kasey Owens) vs. Serpiente Del Mal (Thunder Rosa) and Osore (Holidead)
  • Santana Wonder (Santana Garrett) and Princesa Gato (Chelsea Green) vs. Shin Gorilla (Jungle Kyouna) and Lucky Blanca (Hiromi Mimura)
  • IOTICA (Io Shirai), MAYUCHIKA (Mayu Iwatani), and Poi Man (Natsumi Maki) vs. Pirates Kaiser (Kairi Hojo), Aloha Beat (Yoko Bito), and Fuzzy Peach (Momo Watanabe)

This event was shown in full, so let’s see if the fun atmosphere translated to fun matches.

Mini Iotica and Blood Rayne vs. Twinkle Rabbit and Kumami

Mini Iotica is accompanied to the ring by the legendary masked wrestler and her idol, IOTICA, giving the young wrestler a confidence she will need when facing off against the deadly Twinkle Rabbit. Mini Iotica and Twinkle Rabbit are the first two in and they trade wristlocks, kick by Mini Iotica but Twinkle Rabbit avoids the dropkick and hits one of her own. IOTICA herself comes back in with Mini Iotica, they do a Dance of Motivation but Twinkle Rabbit viciously attacks IOTICA. Twinkle Rabbit is thrown into the corner and IOTICA hits a Space Rolling Elbow, but Twinkle Rabbit blocks the face crusher. Mini Iotica recovers and they do the dance again, it doesn’t work work as Twinkle Rabbit stomps on IOTICA. Mini Iotica dropkicks Twinkle Rabbit and covers her, picking up a two count. IOTICA finally leaves while Mini Iotica tags in Blood Rayne, Kumami is tagged in too as Blood Rayne rolls Kumami to the mat.

stardom10-23-1Kumami recovers and dropkicks Blood Rayne in the back, Twinkle Rabbit returns and they both attack Blood Rayne in the ropes. Kumami puts Blood Rayne in the corner but Blood Rayne avoids her charge and goes up top, she jumps back into the ring but Kumami catches her with a dropkick. Blood Rayne and Kumami trade strikes, big knee by Blood Rayne and she tags in Mini Iotica. Mini Iotica and Blood Rayne both dropkick Kumami, Blood Rayne slams Mini Iotica onto Kumami and then Mini Iotica returns the favor. Cover, but Twinkle Rabbit breaks it up. With all four in the ring they trade slams on each other, until only Kumami and Mini Iotica are left standing. Kumami and Mini Iotica trade elbows, face crusher by Kumami and she tags in Twinkle Rabbit. Twinkle Rabbit dropkicks Mini Iotica twice, cover by Twinkle Rabbit but Mini Iotica gets a shoulder up. Scoop slam by Twinkle Rabbit but Blood Rayne breaks up the cover, Mini Iotica and Kumami trade elbows until Mini Iotica jumps on Twinkle Rabbit’s back and applies a stretch hold. Sunset flip by Mini Iotica, and she picks up the three count! Mini Iotica and Blood Rayne are the winners!

A really fun match to kick off the event. Obviously these are the less experienced wrestlers in Stardom (plus Kris), but when they wear masks and are playing characters it isn’t as noticeable. In the regular world, Nishina would never get the better of Io Shirai, but she can in the Mask Fiesta. Everyone did their parts well and even though it was a short match it still managed to squeeze in some memorable moments. Solid way to start.

Poison Shamrock and Kasey Quinzell vs. Serpiente Del Mal and Osore

stardom10-23-2Poison Shamrock and Kasey attack before the bell rings, dropkicks by Poison Shamrock and Kasey but Serpiente Del Mal and Osore ram their opponents into each other. Kasey is isolated in the corner and double teamed, Osore stays in the ring with Kasey and hits a leg drop. Kasey is double teamed again as Poison Shamrock isn’t being helpful, Osore drags Kasey’s head onto the apron and hits another leg drop. Osore tags in Serpiente Del Mal, Serpiente Del Mal kicks Kasey in the back a few times before hitting a dropkick for a two count. Osore returns but Kasey kicks her in the gut, running knee by Kasey and she rolls up Osore for two. Kasey finally makes the tag to Poison Shamrock, Poison Shamrock slams Osore to the mat and stomps on her repeatedly. Poison Shamrock tags Kasey back in, snapmare by Kasey and she dropkicks Osore in the back for a two count. Kasey stretches Osore before tagging Poison Shamrock, double elbow drop to Osore but Osore hits a Samoan Drop on Poison Shamrock. Osore makes the tag to Serpiente Del Mal while Kasey is also tagged in, headscissors roll-up by Serpiente Del Mal but Poison Shamrock breaks it up. Serpiente Del Mal hits a springboard crossbody on both of them followed by a double springboard armdrag, sending both her opponents out of the ring. Serpiente Del Mal goes off the ropes but rebounds herself back in the ring while Osore goes out to the apron and hits a crossbody off of it onto both opponents. Serpiente Del Mal then goes up top and delivers a diving crossbody down to the floor, she quickly rolls Kasey back in and covers her for a two count. Kasey elbows Serpiente Del Mal but Serpiente Del Mal hits a Code Breaker, cradle by Serpiente Del Mal and she applies a stretch submission. Serpiente Del Mal eventually reverts it into a sleeper while at the same time Poison Shamrock has Osore in a crab hold, but neither opponent is breaking the hold to help their own partner. While they are both going for the submission, the time limit expires and the match is a Draw.

Bizarre ending aside, you could tell that these four are quite not as familar with each other. There were some segments that had some quality back and forths but most of the match was pretty telegraphed. This is my first time seeing the Owens Twins, I won’t judge them off of just this of course but nothing shown in this match made either stand out. In fact no one really stood out here, it was just kinda ‘there’ until the odd ending. Not a surprising development with four non-regular Stardom wrestlers, but pretty average.

Santana Wonder and Princesa Gato vs. Shin Gorilla and Lucky Blanca

Now we get to see how easy it is to wrestle in a full gorilla suit. Gorilla lariats both Santana and Princesa Gato right as the match starts, the ring clears and she celebrates in the corner with her inflatable mallet. She runs after them and hits audience members with the mallet (like Donkey Kong, if you will), but Santana hits a baseball slide from the ring and Gorilla is slid back in. Lucky Blanca and Princesa Gato are tagged in, Princesa Gato wants to lock knuckles but she is too tall for Lucky Blanca. Lucky Blanca gets on Gorilla’s shoulders to make it even but Santana attacks them from behind before throwing Gorilla out of the ring. Wristlock by Princesa Gato to Lucky Blanca but Lucky Blanca reverses it, Princesa Gato snaps Lucky Blanca’s neck and she covers her for two. Gorilla is distracted from ringside while Santana is tagged in, suplex by Santana and she cover Lucky Blanca for a two count. Santana tags Princesa Gato back in and she hits a lariat in the corner, the Air Santana follows before they both take turns kicking Lucky Blanca.

stardom10-23-3Princesa Gato puts Lucky Blanca in a crab hold, she picks Lucky Blanca back up and tags in Santana. They take turns attacking Lucky Blanca in the corner, Lucky Blanca fires back with elbows but Princesa Gato catches the crossbody attempt and slams her to the mat. Dropkick by Lucky Blanca but she can’t make the tag to Gorilla, Santana comes in but on an Irish whip attempt Lucky Blanca is able to tag in Gorilla. Gorilla slams Santana into Lucky Blanca’s back before hitting a running body press, cover by Gorilla but it gets two. Santana takes off Gorilla’s gloves and hits her with them, leg sweep by Santana and she covers Gorilla for two. Space Rolling Elbow by Santana but Gorilla drives Santana into her knee, she goes to eat I am guessing candy so Lucky Blanca tags herself in. Low crossbody by Lucky Blanca and she applies the rolling leglock, but Santana gets into the ropes. Lucky Blanca kicks Santana into the corner but Santana avoids the dropkick, Muta Lock by Santana but Gorilla breaks it up. Gorilla picks up Lucky Blanca and spins her into both Princesa Gato and Santana, she then slams Santana and Princesa Gato next to each other before going up top, but they both avoid her diving body press. Gorilla is kicked out of the ring, they go to Lucky Blanca and delivers a double DDT. Shining Star Press by Santana, and she picks up the three count! Santana Wonder and Princesa Gato are your winners!

This was more playful than the last match but not as much fun as the first match, so it never really had an identity. Kyouna was the main wrestler just having fun, which in these types of matches is fine, but Santana and Chelsea weren’t really playing back with her so it never really clicked. Some creative moments but overall a bit lackluster, although to be fair a match between these four without funny gimmicks would likely have been equally lackluster.

IOTICA, MAYUCHIKA, and Poi Man vs. Pirates Kaiser, Aloha Beat, and Fuzzy Peach

The final match of the night is under Lucha Tag Rules (wrestlers don’t have to tag in and out). After some trident-inspired comedy, IOTICA and Pirates Kaiser face off with Pirates Kaiser hitting a headscissors. Pirates Kaiser picks up IOTICA but IOTICA punches her in the gut, she walks the top rope with Pirates Kaiser’s arm before hitting a double jump armdrag. Pirates Kaiser falls out of the ring, IOTICA fakes a dive before doing a pose instead. Fuzzy Peach and MAYUCHIKA come in as the legal wrestlers, MAYUCHIKA spins around a baseball bat until she gets dizzy, but she accidentally avoids Fuzzy Peach’s dropkick and falls on top of Fuzzy Peach for a two count. Poi Man and Aloha Beat come in next, Aloha Beat works a headlock and hits a running elbow in the corner. Poi Man fires back with a dropkick, she applies a headscissors but Fuzzy Peach comes in and puts her in a headscissors as well. This leads to a long headscissors chain with all six wrestlers, they all roll over on their stomachs until eventually the hold is broken. IOTICA ends up in the ring by herself and is triple teamed with lots of running footstomps, Pirates Kaiser puts IOTICA in the ropes and she is spanked with… I think flip flops. MAYUCHIKA continues to get triple teamed in the corner as her own team isn’t being overly useful, even Yuzupon Mask comes in assist in beating up IOTICA.

stardom10-23-4Poi Man and MAYUCHIKA make it in the ring but are they are all put into submission holds, Pirates Kaiser picks up IOTICA and she hits a double chop to the chest. Elbow drop by Pirates Kaiser, and she covers IOTICA for a two count. Back up they trade elbows, IOTICA gets on Pirates Kaiser’s back and she puts her in a stretch hold. Roll-up by IOTICA, it only gets two but it does give her a chance to tag in Poi Man. Dropkick by Poi Man to Pirates Kaiser but Aloha Beat kicks her from the apron, Pirates Kaiser gets a water gun and squirts Poi Man repeatedly in the face. Pirates Kaiser goes off the ropes but Poi Man kicks her back, kick to the knee by Poi Man and she kicks Aloha Beat as well. Fuzzy Peach comes in but she gets armdragged, MAYUCHIKA comes in the ring, she grabs Aloha Beat and Fuzzy Peach by the arm before hitting a split-legged springboard armdrag. Dropkicks by Poi Man and MAYUCHIKA, MAYUCHIKA goes up top and she hits a missile dropkick onto Pirates Kaiser, she picks up Pirates Kaiser and flips her out onto the apron, but Pirates Kaiser shoots her in the face and hits a diving elbow smash. Hojo tags in Aloha Beat, Aloha Beat comes in with a lei which distracts MAYUCHIKA, she chokes MAYUCHIKA with it but MAYUCHIKA gets it off and chokes Aloha Beat back. Poi Man and Fuzzy Peach are both tagged in, the two mysterious masked wrestlers trade elbows until Fuzzy Peach kicks Poi Man in the chest. Poi Man goes up top but Fuzzy Peach avoids the diving crossbody as Poi Man accidentally takes out IOTICA and MAYUCHIKA. Rolling verticals by Fuzzy Peach, and she covers Poi Man for two.

Missile dropkick by Fuzzy Peach, she goes off the ropes but Poi Man avoids the Somato. Flipping neckbreaker by Poi Man, she rolls her to corner and tags in IOTICA. Running double knee by IOTICA to Fuzzy Peach in the corner, cover by IOTICA but Fuzzy Peach kicks out. IOTICA goes for a package German but Fuzzy Peach blocks it, armdrag by Fuzzy Peach and she armdrags everyone in her excitement (including the referee) before the all do the Osaka Hop! Always a classic. After being excited for a moment they go back to fighting as all six trade elbows, they do the six wrestler suplex spot but MAYUCHIKA switches the referee for her to give her side the 4 vs. 3 advantage. Sunset flip by IOTICA to Fuzzy Peach but Fuzzy Peach rolls through it and kicks IOTICA in the chest. Somato by Fuzzy Peach, but it only gets a two count. Things break down as Aloha Beat and Poi Man run in, Poi Man kicks Aloha Beat out of the ring as most of the wrestlers brawl on the floor. Pirates Kaiser quickly gets back in the ring, she goes up top and delivers a diving body press, but she accidentally takes out her own teammates. IOTICA gets on the apron and delivers an Asai Moonsault, then MAYUCHIKA goes up top and hits a diving crossbody to the floor. Poi Man goes last with her own diving crossbody onto the blob of wrestlers, the referee then gets on the apron and hits a springboard splash down onto the wrestlers! He poses in the ring, excited, but is hit with a baseball bat for his trouble. IOTICA drags Fuzzy Peach back in the ring, diving footstomp by MAYUCHIKA and IOTICA nails the moonsault for the three count! IOTICA, MAYUCHIKA, and Poi Man are the winners!

This match had a good blend of comedy spots and smooth action, and since it was 20 minutes long they had time for both. The throwback to Osaka Pro comedy spots was great, as was the referee getting involved as those are the types of things Stardom can’t normally do since they don’t ever have that style of comedy in their matches. Some wrestlers seemed to be more into it, Bito didn’t do a whole lot in the match, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. There was also plenty of solid wrestling as well, with Mayu and Io flying everywhere and Natsumi showing off the different ways she can cartwheel out of moves. Overall easily the best match of the night and an entertaining spectacle.  Recommended

Final Thoughts


I really shouldn’t give this type of show a ‘rating’ but since it was shown in full my hands are tied. This show was more of an ‘extra’ show since all the wrestlers had already had matches that day, it was a light-hearted affair that was more intent on being fun and whimsical than putting on a wrestling clinic. In that regard I think it did fairly well, really the only match that failed in both being funny and good in-ring was the gaijin match as all the others had some redeemable qualities. With under 50 minutes of in-ring action, not enough meat here to get excited about, but a cute event and a worthy annual exercise to give Stardom fans something a bit different to enjoy.