Io Shirai 10th Anniversary Data Book Review

To celebrate Io Shirai’s ten years in wrestling, Stardom released a special book dedicated to their Ace with lots of information and pictures from throughout her career. Here are the basic details:

Full Details

Title: Io Shirai’s 10th Anniversary Data Book
Release: March 2017
Total Pages: 132
Cost: $25.00
Where to BuyStardom’s Online Store

The data book is full size (A4), and only has color pictures. It covers Io’s entire career in different sections, and the details are broken up into each year of her career so you are able to see her growth as timed passed. There is a fair amount of text, which naturally I can’t read, but there are lots of pictures to go with the text and that is definitely where the book shines. No period of her career is glossed over, as there are pictures of her with Mio Shirai, Kana, and even Vader. It also (briefly) covers her arrest for marijuana possession (which she was completely absolved of), which just shows that every aspect of her career is covered. For the “moves” people like me, they also have a long section highlighting all of Io’s signature moves over the years, with pictures showing how she hit the move.

For people that are looking for sexy pictures, don’t worry,  they have you covered. I think some of the pictures were taken just for this book, while others are taken from past photo shoots. Other pictures include lots of action shots from her big matches in Stardom, particularly highlighting her title wins and defenses. The book ends with full results of all her matches in Stardom (in Japanese ). For any Io Shirai fan, this book is a must. The number of pictures they included is astounding and I can’t imagine how much time it took to compile them all as many were taken before she was in Stardom. I really loved all the pictures of her with Mio from earlier in her career, and of course the “Io’s Sexy” section was breathtaking as Io tends to be. If the book is still for sale, I definitely recommend it. Here are just a few sample pictures that don’t do the whole book justice, but to give you a bit of an idea of what is included: