Stardom Guide Book Vol. 129 Review

Stardom Guide Book Vol 129 Cover

For just about every tour for many years, Stardom has released a guide book that gives recent Stardom news and updated profiles for the promotion. As I get in the guide books, I’ll give a quick review of them plus provide some pictures. You can read reviews for more photobooks on the Joshi Photobook Reviews page.

Stardom Official Guide Book Vol. 129 Details:

Title: Stardom Official Guide Book Vol. 129
Release: January 2020
Pages: 44
Cost: ¥2,000
Where to Buy: Stardom Online Shop

This guide book was released towards the beginning of 2020 and has a completely up to date roster as of the start of the year. The ‘feature article’ features a brief interview with Arisa Hoshiki and Mayu Iwatani. Volume 129 also includes pictures showing some of the wrestlers’ signature moves as well as a few pages on the most recent news to come out of the promotion. This guide book was created before the formation of Donna del Mondo and also before Bea Priestley and Saki Kashima joined to Oedo Tai, so as is always the case with monthly guide books they can become out of date very quickly. Here are some example scans from the guide book: