Rookie Spotlight: Hiroe Nagahama

Introducing…. Hiroe Nagahama!

nagahama nagahama
Nagahama is a rookie in in Pro Wrestling WAVE, debuting on October of 2014.  She trained with Pro Wrestling WAVE, with Yumi Ohka being her primary trainer.  She has also wrestled in Ice Ribbon and JWP, generally wrestling other young wrestlers as she hones her craft.  She is only 19 years old, but picked up her first singles win on 5/23/15 against Marie Ann.  Currently she is participating in the Catch the WAVE 2015 Young Oh Oh Block, which is the rookie version of the Catch the WAVE tournament:


Nagahama is also included in the 2015 True Heart BBM Set, which can be purchased from Japan (and Ebay, if you are lucky):


You can follow Hiroe Nagahama on Twitter @nagahama_hiroe as well as on her Ameba Blog.  To see her an action, here is her match on March 4th, 2015 as she teamed with Moeka Haruhi vs. Kana and Yamashita (Nagahama is in orange).

Kana and Rina Yamashita vs. Hiroe Nagahama and… by purocentral

I will continue to keep track of Nagahama’s progress and will have a second year update next year, hopefully she will continue to learn and grow!