Sendai Girls’ Spring Easter on 4/11/21 Review

Sendai Girls Spring Easter Poster

Event: Sendai Girls’ Spring Easter
Date: April 11th, 2021
Location: Kariya City Industrial Promotion Center in Kariya, Aichi, Japan
Announced Attendance: None
Broadcast: Streamed on Sendai Girls’ Youtube Channel

In the past year, Sendai Girls’ has not uploaded or aired a lot of their events, so when I saw one was fully added I had to watch it. This is not a big event for the promotion – just four matches and no titles in sight. But it does have some wrestlers that I really enjoy and haven’t seen much of lately, so I am sure it will be a fun watch. Here is the full card:

As this streamed on Youtube, all matches will be shown in full. For more information on the wrestlers on the event, you can click on their name above to go to their profile.

Mei Hoshizuki vs. Kanon
Kanon vs. Mei Hoshizuki

We start with a relatively unknown Sendai Girls’ rookie wrestler Kanon against Mei from Marvelous. I say she is unknown as she debuted for Sendai Girls’ back in November but hasn’t had many matches make tape yet. Kanon is only 15 years old, so she is a more long-term project. Mei Hoshizuki is now in her third year, she comes into the match the Sendai Girls’ Jr. Champion but the title is not on the line here. This will mostly just be experience for Kanon but I am curious to watch her for the first time.

Kanon dropkicks Mei as she is getting in the ring, elbows by Kanon but Mei fights back and the two trade blows. Kanon goes for a suplex but Mei blocks it, dropkick by Kanon and she covers Mei for two. Kanon picks up Mei but Mei elbows her, Irish whip by Mei and she kicks Kanon into the ropes. Mei goes out to the apron and hits a dropkick under the middle rope back into the ring, cover by Mei but it gets two. Mei hits a series of snapmares before putting Kanon in a crab hold, she lets go after a moment and stomps on Kanon’s back. Mei throws Kanon in the ropes but Kanon returns with a dropkick, Mei hits a dropkick of her own followed by a second one for two. Ankle hold by Mei but Kanon gets into the ropes for the break, so Mei applies a grapevined ankle hold instead. Kanon gets to the ropes again, stomps by Mei but Kanon blocks the Irish whip.

Mei finally tosses Kanon to the rope and hits a dropkick, she back bodydrops Kanon onto the apron but Kanon quickly returns and hits a dropkick. Kanon continues hitting more dropkicks on Mei before covering her for a two count. Kanon picks up Mei but Mei elbows her as they go back and forth, Mei stomps on Kanon’s foot repeatedly but Kanon sneaks in a small package for two. A schoolboy for Kanon doesn’t work either, Jackhammer by Kanon and she covers Mei for a two count. Kanon keeps trying to pin Mei but Mei gets into the ropes, Kanon charges Mei but Mei catches her with a dropkick. Elbow by Mei, she goes out to the apron and kicks Kanon through the ropes. Figure four leglock by Mei, but Kanon gets to the ropes for the break. Kanon sneaks in a flash pin but Mei reverses it and the two trade covers until Mei holds down Kanon with a Schoolboy for the three count! Mei Hoshizuki is the winner.

Chigusa Nagayo does a good job with her wrestlers but I haven’t seen as much out of Mei as I have from Mikoto, Maria, or Mio. She’s solid, but her offense still hasn’t really developed and since she is 19 I’d have just expected a bit more out of her in this situation. Meanwhile Kanon is over there hitting Jackhammers, so she isn’t missing a beat. A really simply laid out match, fundamentally sound and good practice for Kanon but a pretty basic opener.

Mio Momono vs. Yurika Oka
Mio Momono vs. Yurika Oka

While Yurika is not technically a rookie, she is still under 18 so in many ways she is still considered one even in her second year as a wrestler. Mio Momono has been wrestling for a few years and is a bundle of fun, but has had the worst injury luck so she probably isn’t as advanced up the card as she should be. Hopefully she will stay healthy for awhile and her time will come. But wrestling rookies is still important and they were slowly building a Marvelous vs. Sendai Girls’ story for the GAEA Japan event they planned to have that ultimately got postponed (again). I like Mio a lot so I’m just assuming she’ll whip up something fun here.

Mio offers a handshake before the match but Yurika slaps her instead, Yurika goes for a dropkick but Mio swats her away and hits a series of elbows. Mio gets Yurika to the mat and elbows her some more as she is clearly remembering the slap from 20 seconds before, Yurika manages to get back up and fights back. Yurika goes off the ropes and hits a few dropkicks but Mio doesn’t go down and instead drops Yurika with a sliding kick. Headlock by Mio and she drives Yurika to the mat, Yurika Irish whips out of it but Mio knocks her back to the mat. Scoop slam by Mio and she covers Yurika for two. Mio throws Yurika into the corner and stomps her down before throwing Yurika around by her hair. Mio keeps Yurika on the mat and stomps on her, she throws Yurika into the ropes and chokes her until the referee tells her to stop. Mio hits a cutter before delivering a sliding dropkick while Yurika is hanging over the second rope, cover by Mio back in the ring but it gets two. Yurika tries to fight back but Mio kicks her in the head, dropkick by Mio but Yurika avoids the Murder Dropkick and hits a dropkick of her own. Headscissors by Yurika and she follows with a jumping crossbody for two. Yurika goes for a suplex but Mio blocks it, Yurika puts Mio in a submission hold but Mio gets to the ropes for the break.

Yurika twists Mio’s arm in the top rope before dropkicking her in the arm a few times, she goes off the ropes and dropkicks Mio again for a two count cover. Yurika gets on the second turnbuckle but Mio dropkicks her as she jumps off, Mio then goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a diving crossbody. Sliding kick by Mio and she hits the Murder Dropkick, she puts Yurika in an armtrap crossface but Yurika gets to the ropes. Vertical suplex by Mio, she goes to the top turnbuckle but Yurika avoids the diving body press. Hard elbow by Mio but Yurika elbows her back, they trade strikes until Yurika cradles Mio to the mat and goes for a cross armbreaker. Mio gets to the ropes before she can fully lock it in, stomps by Yurika and she hits a scoop slam. Yurika gets on the second turnbuckle and hits a diving body press, but Mio kicks out of the cover. Yurika goes off the ropes but Mio catches her with a hard elbow, Yurika rolls up Mio but it gets a two count. Elbows by Yurika, she goes off the ropes but so does Mio and she cradles Yurika to the mat before hitting a series of footstomps. Strike combination by Mio, she goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick. Cover by Mio, but Yurika gets a shoulder up. Mio quickly goes to the top turnbuckle and nails the diving body press, picking up the three count pinfall! Mio Momono is the winner.

The most interesting thing about this match to me was Mio wrestling as grumpy veteran instead of the happy bubbly persona she normally has, it was fun to see. Instead of being the undersized underdog, she was the dominate force while Yurika struggled to get the upper-hand. Yurika had plenty of offense however and her arm work was pretty good, she showed a lot for someone at her age and experience level. Hopefully once she turns 18 and presumably finishes school, she’ll get to move up the card a bit. A pretty good match, but made better just with the role reversal from what I am used to seeing from Mio Momono.  Mildly Recommended

DASH Chisako vs. Kaho Kobayashi
DASH Chisako vs. Kaho Kobayashi

What a special treat. Kaho is one of my stealth favorite wrestlers, I don’t get to watch her wrestle very often as she tends to bounce around the smaller promotions, but she is really solid and always puts in maximum effort. DASH Chisako has been wrestling for almost 15 years and seems content being in the upper-midcard of Sendai Girls’ as she has been there for a long time, she’s still a really good wrestler as well. This is their first ever singles match, Chisako is the favorite since this is her promotion but it should be an entertaining back and forth match.

Tie-up to start, Kaho gets Chisako into the ropes but she gives a clean break. They tie-up again and this time Chisako gets Kaho in the ropes, she kicks Kaho however and goes for an Irish whip, but Kaho blocks it. Armdrag by Chisako and she boots Kaho in the face, Irish whip by Chisako but Kaho hits an armdrag of her own followed by a dropkick. Another dropkick by Kaho, and she covers Chisako for two. Kaho applies a stretch hold but Chisako gets out of it, elbow by Chisako but Kaho kicks her back. Kaho puts Chisako in the ropes and dropkicks her in the back, cover by Kaho but it gets a two count. Kaho throws Chisako in the corner, Irish whip by Kaho but Chisako avoids her charge and delivers a jumping kick. Chisako puts Kaho in the ropes and stretches her face, face crusher by Chisako and she applies an armtrap crossface. Kaho gets to the ropes for the break, stomps by Chisako but Kaho kicks her repeatedly in the shin. Kaho goes off the ropes but Chisako boots her in the face, Kaho kips back up but gets booted in the face again. Another kip up by Kaho but she collapses back to the mat, Chisako goes for a cover but Kaho rolls her up for two. Both go off the ropes with Kaho hitting a dropkick, another dropkick by Kaho but Chisako elbows her in the chest. Kaho avoids the sliding kick and knocks Chisako into the ropes, she gets on the top turnbuckle and delivers a missile dropkick for a two count. Fisherman suplex hold by Kaho, but it gets two.

Kaho positions Chisako and goes up top, but Chisako recovers and joins her. Superplex by Chisako, and she covers Kaho for two. Chisako drags up Kaho but Kaho elbows her off, Chisako hits a backdrop suplex anyway and goes to the top turnbuckle, but Kaho avoids the diving footstomp and applies a few flash pins for two counts. Kaho goes for an enzuigiri but Chisako catches her leg and applies an ankle hold. Kaho gets to the ropes, backdrop suplex by Chisako but Kaho returns with an enzuigiri and both wrestlers are down on the mat. Back up they trade elbows, Kaho goes off the ropes but Chisako boots her in the face. Northern Lights Suplex Hold by Chisako, but Kaho gets a shoulder up. Chisako goes to the turnbuckles but Kaho grabs her and hits a German suplex, shining enzuigiri by Kaho and she covers Chisako for two. Kaho picks up Chisako but Chisako slams her to the mat, she goes for the Harumaru but Kaho rolls through it. Kaho goes off the ropes but Chisako boots her in the head for a two count. Chisako goes to the top turnbuckle and nails a diving footstomp, cover by Chisako but Kaho barely kicks out. Chisako quickly goes back up top and she delivers the Hormone Splash for the three count! DASH Chisako wins!

These two could have a solid and entertaining match in their sleep, so there was no real way they could disappoint even if the match never reached that next level of excitement. Chisako has been around for awhile now but she hasn’t lost her speed and pace, and Kaho works fast too so a lot happened in a relatively short match. I enjoyed that every time it looked like Kaho was getting the upper hand, Chisako would just boot her in the face. She has a solid big boot and Kaho sells everything well as she is tiny, so it always came across as a definitive cut-off move. Kaho didn’t go down easy but this always felt like Chisako’s match to win, Kaho could have won via fluke but nothing else was going to work as Chisako was rarely damaged significantly. A pretty good match, the hard cam setup takes some of the impact out of their strikes but still an enjoyable encounter between two seasoned vets.  Mildly Recommended

Hiroyo Matsumoto & Manami vs. Chihiro Hashimoto & Yuu
Chihiro Hashimoto and Yuu vs. Matsumoto and Manami

This was billed as a “revival” of Team 200kg (Chihiro and Yuu), so I looked it up and that’s pretty fair as they last teamed in November because Yuu took time off due to an injury. They come into the match as the Sendai Girls’ Tag Team Champions, however this is not a title match. Yuu is a Freelancer so she goes around as she sees fit, mostly hanging out in WAVE, OZ Academy, and Sendai Girls’ but making appearances other places as well. Chihiro is also the singles champion in Sendai Girls’ so she pretty much has a death grip on the promotion, and until the newer wrestlers gain some experience it will probably remain that way. They are against Hiroyo Matsumoto, one of the top veteran Freelancers on the Joshi scene, and 16 year old Manami. Manami is the clear weak link here but she has shown some fire in her early career, hopefully they give her a fighting chance before putting her down for the count.

Chihiro and Manami start the match, they quickly end up on the mat and Chihiro applies an ankle hold. She switches it to a headlock but Manami Irish whips out of it, hard shoulderblock by Chihiro and the two reach a stalemate. Kick by Manami and she goes for a monkey flip, but Chihiro catches her and applies a crab hold. Manami quickly gets to the ropes, Chihiro goes to charge her but Hiroyo knees Chihiro from the apron. Manami delivers the monkey flip followed by a dropkick, giving her time to tag in Hiroyo. Chihiro and Hiroyo lockup but break cleanly, Hiroyo gets Chihiro into the corner and stomps her in the stomach. Hiroyo boots Chihiro and goes for a shoulderblock, but Chihiro does’t go down. They trade elbows, lariat by Chihiro and she applies a side headlock. Hiroyo reverses it but Chihiro hits a scoop slam before making the tag to Yuu. Shoulderblock by Yuu to Hiroyo but she falls in her corner and tags Manami, Manami comes in and she dropkicks Yuu while Hiroyo stays in to help. Hiroyo leaves and Yuu ends up chopping Manami in the corner, Yuu goes for a cross armbreaker but Manami quickly gets to the ropes. Chihiro comes in and they both shoulderblock Manami, body press by Yuu and Chihiro hits one as well on top of both of them before they pose on Manami. Cover by Yuu, but it gets a two count. Yuu tags Chihiro, Manami tries to fight back but Chihiro throws her into the corner.

Snapmare by Chihiro and she covers Manami, but it gets two. She tags Yuu, Manami tries to fight back but Yuu absorbs her blows and delivers a chop. Yuu goes off the ropes but Manami avoids her senton attempt, cradle by Manami but it gets two. Dropkick by Manami but Yuu doesn’t budge, she tries again but Yuu stays up. Yuu swats aside the next one and hits the senton, picking up a two count. Yuu picks up Manami and throws her into the corner, chops by Yuu but Manami jumps up on the second turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick. Manami tags Hiroyo, lariat by Hiroyo and she knocks Chihiro off the apron. Yuu elbows Hiroyo and delivers a series of chops, Hiroyo slides out to the apron and snaps Yuu’s neck over the top rope. Missile dropkick by Hiroyo and she covers Yuu for two, she goes for a powerbomb but Yuu back bodydrops out of it. Kick by Hiroyo but Yuu dropkicks her into the corner, cannonball by Yuu and she covers Hiroyo for a two count. Yuu gets to her corner and tags Chihiro, lariat by Chihiro to Hiroyo but Hiroyo blocks the suplex. Chihiro applies a stretch hold but Manami breaks it up with a dropkick, they double team Chihiro before Hiroyo hits a sliding elbow for a two count. Hiroyo goes to the second turnbuckle but Chihiro quickly recovers and grabs her, Hiroyo slides away and they trade lariat attempts. Vertical suplex by Hiroyo and she levels Chihiro with a lariat, giving her time to tag Manami. Manami stomps on Chihiro and hits a dropkick, more dropkicks by Manami and she hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Manami picks up Chihiro and the two trade elbows until Chihiro nails a lariat.

Chihiro goes off the ropes and hits a spear, Yuu runs in and hits a senton and Chihiro follows with a somersault senton for two. Chihiro positions Manami and hits a somersault senton off the second turnbuckle, but Hiroyo breaks it up. Yuu comes in to get Hiroyo while Chihiro picks up Manami, elbows by Chihiro and she covers Manami for two. Chihiro gets Manami on her shoulders but Manami slides down and puts Chihiro in an Octopus Hold, she gets Chihiro to the ground while Hiroyo comes in and hits a reverse double kneedrop. Seated armbar by Manami but Chihiro eventually gets a foot on the ropes to force a break. Manami goes off the ropes and nails a jumping knee, but Yuu breaks up the cover. Manami picks up Chihiro, Chihiro sits down on Manami but Hiroyo runs in with a sliding lariat. Cradle by Manami, but Chihiro barely kicks out. Manami goes off the ropes but Chihiro decks her with a lariat, but Hiroyo is there to break up the pin. Chihiro picks up Manami and hits the waterwheel drop, but Hiroyo breaks up that cover as well. Yuu gets rid of Hiroyo, she picks up Manami and both she and Chihiro hit body avalanches. Lariat by Chihiro, but Manami barely gets a shoulder up on the cover. Chihiro picks up Manami and plants her with a powerbomb, and she picks up the three count! Team 200kg are the winners!

The only thing that hurt this match was the one camera setup as we couldn’t really feel the impact of the moves, but otherwise this was great. Yuu and Chihiro Hashimoto are so good at hurt-y hoss violence and Manami took everything they had like a champ, God bless her. Hiroyo chipped in sometimes but this match was all about Team 200kg tossing Manami around the ring. Not that Manami didn’t get in some offense as she had Chihiro in trouble a few times towards the end so it wasn’t just a long squash. But this was mostly about Team 200kg looking awesome so in that regard the match was a big success. Its hard to give a super high recommendation to a match shot from so far from the ring but I can still easily recommend watching it, an entertaining match with some great wrestlers and a very game child wrestler.  Recommended

Final Thoughts:


For a short free show on Youtube shot with only a hard cam, this was pretty entertaining. Clocking in at under an hour (even including pre and post match), it is an easy watch with the last three matches all delivering on some level. DASH/Kaho was simple but still solid and the main event probably is a ****+ match if it was filmed pro-shot style. Sendai Girls’ has some really good wrestlers, so while this was a pretty bare bones production, I can still recommend hopping onto Youtube and giving it a chance.