SEAdLINNNG on January 11th Results, and YOSHIKO Returns!

Today in front of 800 fans, SEAdLINNNG held their third event. The biggest news from the show didn’t happen in the ring, but out of it, as YOSHIKO seconded Nanae Takahashi to the ring. As many of you know, YOSHIKO “retired” from Stardom last summer after a brutal incident with Act Yasukawa last February. There is little surprise that YOSHIKO is still interested in being involved in wrestling, and as she was close to Takahashi in Stardom this seems like a logical next step for her. Here are the full results:

  • “Big Bang” Nicole defeats Meiko Tanaka with The Big Bang (8:02)
  • Kyoko Inoue and Takako Inoue defeat Aoi Kizuki and Yuki Miyazaki when Takako hits Kizuki with the Yoshikobushi (14:14)
  • Over The Top Rope Rules: Konami and Sareee defeat Ryo Mizunami and Syuri when Sareee eliminates Mizunami (11:49)
  • Emi Sakura and Meiko Satomura defeat Ayako Hamada and “Kotori” when Sakura pins “Kotori” with La Magistral (14:27)
  • Masato Tanaka defeats Nanae Takahashi with the Sliding D (19:46)

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After the event, YOSHIKO left the ringside area with Takahashi, but when Taiyo was interviewed later she expressed “surprise” that YOSHIKO was there and had no further details of her future involvement.

My opinion – Nanae Takahashi has nothing to lose if she does bring in YOSHIKO. While the SEAdLINNNG events have not necessarily been failures, they have not gained a lot of traction as Korakuen Hall was less than half full for this event. Bringing in a controversial figure like YOSHIKO can be risky, but since the connection with Takahashi is well known it would seem less like a publicity stunt so the risk is minimal. We will have to wait and see what comes of this as nothing official was announced, but I would not be surprised if YOSHIKO returns to the ring. SEAdLINNNG needs a spark and YOSHIKO might be just the person to give it to them.

Results and pictures from Battle News